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Dreams: Happening And Transferring


My first encounter with whatever this is was when I was 14yrs old. I had a dream that there would a be a car crash and it would involve my childhood friend, but I didn't know when. Then on my 15th birthday, I got the call that my childhood friend had died in a car accident that day on the exact road I dreamt of. I passed it off as nothing but a coincidence, even though I don't believe in that.

My second experience was when I was 16yrs old, when I had a panic/anxiety attack in the middle of my math class. I started shaking uncontrollably, and hearing/feeling every one's feelings/thoughts. It felt like a thousand voices in my head and all these emotions rampaging through me! It was painful and I fell from my chair where I was shaking even worse than before. After that I was taken to the Nurse's Office and laid down on a bed furthest from everyone else until the pain in my head stopped and I couldn't hear/feel any of what I was before.

Then the year I turned 17yrs old, I had another dream, but this time it was about me & my sister's death. I dreamt of our death dates, mine: beginning of Oct., my sister's: middle of May. My dreams was of two men, I knew, but couldn't see their faces, wanting to kill me. I didn't see how my sister died though. I woke up from that dream feeling numb and cold but at the same time feeling very relaxed and calm.

The strangest thing is that, over the years since I was fourteen, I'll fall asleep at night, begin to dream of a nightmare but then it disappears. I wake up the next morning never having a dream. As usual I paid it no attention and forgot about it all until the night of my two year wedding anniversary (2010), when my husband woke up screaming, and jumping out of the bed. He told me of his dream and I then realized it was supposed to be my dream, but I passed it away.

After that night I began to look back at my old dream journals I started keeping after the dream I had of my childhood friend's death and sure enough, I have hundreds of entries about my sister (who I shared a room with while growing up) and friends (who I'd stay the night with or they'd come to my house) waking up from nightmares, screaming and how I knew it was originally my dream but I passed it, somehow. Is this even possible?

I don't know exactly how to control it (but a method of sorts) or how far this ability reaches, which is a huge concern because for all I know I could be transferring my dreams to someone else living in my very small town. And I do know, scientifically it is possible die in your sleep from nightmares, you know literally being "scared to death". And I have some pretty gruesome and terrifying dreams at times. I'm now 22yrs old, and this year I've sort of developed a way to minimize my transfers by concentrating my subconscious on the dream even if it's terrifying so that I keep. My panic/anxiety attacks that cause my ability to hear/feel others is also another that just happens when it wants to and I can't seem to get a good grip on that either. So any advice or ideas or even an explanation as to what's happening to me would be greatly appreciated.

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Maggie1017 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-22)
I have actually thought of that, and it would make sense if I was having a dream first but I never do. I dream for a quick second and it's not really of my mind seeing anything, it's more a sense of fear and knowing it's a nightmare and then it's gone. I then fall asleep without having any actual dream, but then wake up to my friends, or family (in the recent cases, my husband) screaming and freaking out about a nightmare they just had that made absolutely no sense to them but made complete sense to me because I had either had that nightmare before or felt it. I don't know what this is, but I'm feeling really bad for my husband, ha ha.
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-16)
When I was 17 and my brother was 16, his appendix ruptured. The weird thing was on that same day my abdomen on my side had been hurting all day. It was so painful. I remember laying on the couch being crumbled into a ball wishing I could rip half of my abdomen off. I remember thinking that maybe I could just concentrate the pain away.
Later that night, the pain did go away just as suddenly as it had started. Happy, I was eating, watching TV, and chatting away as normal. Unfortunately, my brother wasn't feeling so well. He was lying on the couch crumbled into a ball and whining about how his stomach and side hurt. My mother ended up driving him to the emergency room. I remember thinking that he wasn't as tough as I was the big baby (rather malicious of me I realized later and regretted those thoughts). At the hospital they discovered that his appendix was near to bursting. He had to have it removed immediately and did. I felt a little guilty about his appendix rupturing. I thought I had transferred the ailment to him.

About a year later, I dreamt I was my brother and that he was entering 'heaven.' It was a beautiful place full of unconditional love. About 6 months to a year after that dream, he died in a car accident.

I mention this story because not long ago I was thinking of when my brother had his appendix taken out. It occurred to me that perhaps I hadn't transferred my ailment to my brother. There is such a gift as physical empathy which means a person experiences the physical pain of another in their own body. I think I may have had a precognitive experience about my brother's appendix by experiencing his pain before he did.

Thus, have you considered that you may not be giving your nightmares to your family and friends but are instead having precognitive experiences of their own actual nightmares?

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