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Something Has Been Using My Fiance's Form When He's Not Here


A while back me and my fiance had a mild argument and I slept on the sofa for the night, while asleep I dreamt I was sitting on my fiance's lap, at the computer desk, I looked across the room and behind the kitchen counter (I am in a small studio flat and my living room and kitchen are joined) I could see the silhouette of a man crouching behind the counter, I panicked and asked my fiance if he could see it and he said no and looked at me as if I was stupid.

The man behind the counter came forward and showed himself as my fiance but his face was flickering in the same way that people do if you look at them in a certain level of darkness. I again asked my fiance if he could see it, he looked hard, told me there was nothing there and went back to what he was doing, refusing to look again.

The figure sat on the sofa and all of a sudden had another figure, with the same flickering face, of myself in it's lap, he was holding her in his arms, looking over to me, smiling at me and then kissing her.

I woke up, not afraid, but feeling a little shaken and confused, I went back to bed and slept as close as possible to my fiance.

I didn't think anything of the dream at first as I've had weird and almost similar dreams before, mainly when I was younger.

But a few days later, or the morning after, (I forget which) my fiance left for work at half past 5 as usual and I went back to sleep. I woke up and had kicked the blankets off myself, I was about to get up and dressed when all of a sudden I couldn't move, I was led almost paralyzed, I looked towards the door and saw the silhouette of my fiance, I thought nothing of it at first, but as I tried to talk to him to ask why he had come home from work, I found I couldn't speak. I tried harder to force myself and after a while I managed to force out a broken whisper, for some reason I asked "where are you?" And in a loud, quite clear whisper he answered "I'm here" I slowly asked "where" I received no reply, I slowly asked "who are you" and tried to lift myself from the bed, I tried as hard as I could and finally managed to sit myself up but he had gone. For some reason that I forget I called out asking him to come back, asking him to show himself again, to talk to me, but he did not.

A few days later it happened again, my fiance left for work, I fell back to sleep and after a while something woke me up. I looked up to see my fiance, stood right next to me at the side of the bed. My vision was blurred slightly from sleep, but he was there clear as day. I tried to say 'hi' but again, I could not speak, I again managed only a broken whisper and asked 'are you ok' to which he answered, again in the loud whisper something along the lines of "yes, go back to sleep" and smiled at me. I lifted my head to look at the clock and saw it was 10:00am which was unusual as he wasn't due home until 2:00pm. As I looked at the clock I could see him walking away in the corner of my eye, as he reached the end of the bed I lifted myself to tell him the time and ask if he'd forgotten something, but I looked up and he was gone, I searched the flat and the doors were still locked and he was gone.

Later that day I sent my fiance a text, asking if he'd forgotten something that morning and asked why he didn't talk to me properly when he came home, a little while later he replied, telling me that he hadn't gone back home that morning, he had left for work at 5:30, went straight to work and had stayed there. I asked him again when he got home but he definitely had not been home at that time that morning and he just brushed it off as nothing.

I know there's always that chance that it could be nothing, just a daydream or something, but although it hasn't happened again in a fair few weeks I haven't stopped thinking about it. I don't feel scared or anything, if anything I felt quite calm after each time it happened, even though I know it wasn't my fiance, but it would be nice to know what or who it is that I talked to and has been watching me, as I quite often rush from room to room with the feeling that someone is there, usually in the hallway where there are no windows, although the rushing may be mainly due to my on and off fear of the dark it usually feels like someone is there. Even just to know whether it's a blessing or a curse that whatever/whoever it is is here, and whether I should feel safe or be careful, because at the moment I am quite unsure. Knowing whether to expect good or bad, whichever it is, the knowledge would comfort me a lot.



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nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-13)
I had a recent dream (i'm guessing it was a dream tho it felt real but is a bit strange even for the paranormal) and the spirit (i'l call it that for the sake of an easy word) lingered in the door the same as usual but something unusual came over me and I managed to call him over and I was incredibly lustful and he gave in and we kissed and it felt half real but kind of like it should feel to kiss a being made of water or mist and then he seemed uncomfortable and left the room and disapeared and I fell asleep.
I am unsure if this is at all relevznt to my other experiences given that no matter how real it felt I doubt it's possible but I just thought I'd say just incase:/
animaltalker (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-27)
it might be a shape shifting demon but demons are evil and by the way he acts he might be a shape shifting angel like a guardian angel. Usually if its a guardian angel that shapeshifts is because they take the form of someone or something that you are comfortable with or you trust a lot.
Animal Talker
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-28)
the whole spirit havving an interest in me does kind of make sense seen as it's talked calmly to me, seems mcomforting and also there seems to be loud bangs etc. And extremely mild things like that when I'm upset with my fiance. Eg. When I was upset with him a while ago the boiler made a loud bang as soon as I left the room to dry my tears. I know it's a boiler and bangs are to be expected after a while of it not being checked but seems more than a coincidence that it'd hav it's worst bang just as I left upset.
But yeh, it's been ok with my fiance, sometimes small wierd things happening when he upsets me that could be either a push for my fiance to comfort me (which he seems to not like to do sometimes lol) or a sign to say me being upset has the spirit peeved haha, either way, no damage yet.
Curious on whether my fiance should be a lil more careful though haha
Zaniac (4 stories) (27 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-20)
Okay, this may seem weird, but I can understand ghosts even though they're somewhere else... Like... Well, the ghost in your home doesn't mean any harm. He's playing with you (Well,you can already tell that).
Maybe he's trying to tell you something. But, I really think that this ghost has interest in you:D Possibly, (I don't know if this is correct) he's your admirer from the spirit world.
skyslide (1 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-20)
Psychologically speaking, it's sleep paralysis where the mind is awake but everything else is still asleep and immobile. However, a while ago I had a similar thing happen, only I couldn't see anyone. I felt scared out of my mind and I am certain it wasn't a sleep paralysis hallucination. If it was for you, you have nothing to worry about because it's just your mind saying "I miss him" or "I'm sorry" but if it wasn't, you have a serious problem.
ashd9 (44 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-19)
It might not be bad that it's getting closer. Up close you could tell their intention by the look in the eyes. I wish this page would allow me to do a nice drawing for you, so I can show you what I mean haha. Not just anyone is allowed to shape shift. So I'm still a little suspicious.

I'm not much for trusting anything that wants to get physical in that way for my attention. If you don't think it's bad then it should be fine. I do understand the caring sort of look you mean. I just think as a visitor in your space on your time, there shouldn't be any of that paralysis business. If someone wants to be friendly towards you, they should be nice:)
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-18)
i used to feel the presence of lots of things in my old houses, there were quite a few different ones, male, female, adults, children and elderly on a regular basis, but all the other places I'v been in had been old and lived in before I moved there, here it's just the one, but I think it may be the same as I saw in my old house, starting to think it may have followed me here as I'm now in a brand new flat, me and my fiance are the first to live here and from what he's told me this area was wasteland or something before, there weren't houses or anything.
As for the paralysis I'v never had anything like it before, I'v froze up in fear but never been properly unable 2 move like this was. It's stood next to me and spoken to me before, stood a little closer each time:/ but when I saw it clearer the once their expression was a kind of gentle smile, and when it spoke it seemed more of 'just making sure u'r ok' kind or answers if that makes any sense.
It doesn't make me feel need to worry but I'm guessing it's probably not good that it's getting closer and more visible each time but it doesn't feel bad yet.
ashd9 (44 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-17)
Ok then, I have some new ideas for you:)

You get visitors regularly, do they all put you in paralysis? Or is it just this certain one?
I know a family that gets paralyzed in the least bit of activity, out of their own fear I guess.

If this fiancé impersonator is using this method almost as a forced way of communication, I wouldn't take that lightly. With it leaving or allowing you to move once it leaves, could be a sign that it is not so nice. When you show your strength (by coming out of the paralysis) it becomes uncomfortable and leaves. Sometimes they just like to test us.

If it doesn't bother you, maybe it is doing what you said, by taking on your full concentration without you over thinking.

Or it could be that someone is smitten with you:) My Father's soul mate died and visits often, but again she does not change form the way yours does.

For myself that would be clearly crossing the boundry by the paralysis. I don't allow touching or things of that kind. I don't like them getting too comfortable:)
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-17)
thank you ashd9, I do find that quite helpful:)
Whenever it's been there my first thought has usually been that someone's broken in until I realise who it looks like, as I've said before, I'm used to things like this happening so my first thought isn't usually that it would be my fiance because he's always in work at the times that it happens.
When I get paralyzed I'm not sure if it's fear, something to do with the presence of it being there or if it's just something else to do with my mind, but either way it seems to leave as soon as I can force myself out of 'paralysis' or whatever it is.
I'm wondering if there is a chance that I might be put into this state because it finds it hard to communicate with me when I'm in a kind of 'fully aware' kind of state or something, because when I'm fully 'conscious' or whatever it is when I m not paralyzed my mind tends to overwork, because I tend to think of a hundred possibilities at once, it is why I find it so easy to understand and sympathise with almost anybody.
Could this be why I'm put into this state when he (it feels more of a male presence whenever I feel something in my flat) decides to communicate?
ashd9 (44 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-16)
I am a lucid dreamer and can clearly tell the difference between dreams and reality. I'm sure you can as well. So I'll rule that idea out for now.
When something wants my attention, it will call out to me in a voice of a person that I am close to. It's quite easy to tell the difference by the emotions that they bring. I hear everything they say to themselves and read their thoughts clearly.
When this happens, they usually are doing it to entertain themselves. The reasoning for your happenings I'm not sure of. Maybe you should take a better look. Our brains are a bit logical sometimes, thinking, "Who else would be there but my fiancé?" So automatically that is the picture you get.
I have never seen a full form of someone I knew. Why you would be paralyzed in its presence, if it is not accompanied by a negative air, I'm not sure.
Hope that helped you out:)
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-16)
I'm not so sure on the missing him to be honest, but it is a possibility I guess. Whatever it was has left a wierd and confused yet slightly warm feeling in my heart and mind anyway, when it's here it doesn't feel 'of this world' of such (I usually wouldn't use those words but just woke up so can't think of better Haha) didn't feel like it does when I'm around someone or anything like the feeling I get when I think of my fiance and picture him when I miss him, or anything like how I feel when he's around.
Either way it doesn't feel bad or dangerous at the moment but doesn't feel like it's going to stop anytime soon so be it doppleganger, spirit, demon, or just my own mind, I'm going to just embrace it and keep looking on the brighter side I think:)
Thank you very much for you comments
I would still like to hear a few more peoples perspectives on it if possible, my mind is open to all possibilities and I would like to know more of what the possibilities could be:)
j-torrez (3 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
I think it might be a doppelganger, yet I am not sure. It is believe that if a doppelganger is seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelganger is an omen of death. Yet I believe it is just you missing your fiancé. In either case it does not hurt to be cautious and to live every day to the fullest. Take care.
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
to be honest I'm not thinking that it's supernatural or anything but at the same time I do believe there was something there, the first time of course it was a dream, the second I had been awake for a while before my body suddenly froze, I could still move ever so slightly, like my fingers and such, just couldn't make any large movements, but when it comes to the third time I've considered over and over that it might just be 'dreaming' and such but it was so real that I could feel the breeze as he moved and there were a few things on the floor, my fiance's keys and such which had moved slightly.
I am of course not ruling out mental and physical possibilities, I would usually go straight to that to be honest, I've had similar before, a few years ago I was seeing animals that nobody else could see, I saw a boy down the cellar of my old house (there is more to it than just seeing a boy, if ofcourse anyone would like to know more detail just ask) but I've had things like this in the past that were easy to brush aside, but this was so real and feels as though there's something more.
However zilla, I do have complete respect for what you have said and will take it into account and give it a lot of thought:) thank you
Zilla (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
This is completely normal and its called lucid dreaming. The conscious mind is still partially awake while the brain is releasing DMT, A chemical that is released during REM sleep. It happens to millions of people every day and I would not worry about it too much, it's very fascinating. It's happened to me too, like I would hear people talking and sense them coming towards me. Or hear the coming up the stairs. It's scary at first but when you realize it's just a natural occurrence, the fear goes away and in moments you wake up. Very interesting experience non the less. But I would not deem it " Super natural " just natural lucid dreaming.

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