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I have already posted several stories on this website: one notably was about my spirit guide Ebba, who has been with me for a time now. There was something I didn't mention in that story, because I thought it deserved it's own post, so here goes.

When I see Ebba, I don't see her in the way I would see my sister or parents or room or anything else. It's like I "tune into" a different frequency or something, like I'm using my eyes in a different way. I still see her as clearly as I would see a normal person, but it's not the same. It's very difficult to explain. I've also noticed I use this way of seeing things to see auras (until I learnt to see them "properly", with my normal eyesight) and other paranormal things like ghosts.

It's actually quite similar to imagining, but I know I'm not imagining it. Here are several proofs:

- when I "tune in" to see an aura, I might see it blue; then I look again with my normal eyesight and see it the same color

- Ebba has told me many times things I couldn't have known, and that turned out to be true; therefore I can't be just imagining her presence.

Have any of you ever experienced something similar? Can you do this too?

Also, I have another experience to share, that's not long enough to have its own post but I'd like to share it with you here anyway. Ever since I was little, I was able to recognize children, in real life but also in photos, that had psychic gifts. I always just saw something in my eyes which told me they were psychic, and several times I've had proof those children really were psychic (like them telling me things etc).

What do you think? Can anybody else do that?

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Ebbas_angel (guest)
11 years ago (2011-10-29)
Hello and thank you! I feel less alone now haha! I hadn't heard of the Tuning In documentaries, but after seeing your message I watched them and they are truly great!
To answer your question, the first time I remember "tuning in" was when I was about four years old (a lot of things started to happen when I was four) but I could've been doing it before that. I can't remember.
Thank you! 😁
alexandriabee (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-24)
I can see auras as well, and I understand what you are saying about normal vs "tuning in" vision. I very, very often, what I call, "Tune out" of this world, and enter one within my exterior shell, where I recognize people strictly by their energy, not their physical form. I do this whenever I go shopping, or into a crowded environment, it helps me avoid the people I rather not walk into, and find the ones I'm comfortable around. I do this so often, I barely recognize the people around me. When I do snap out, I still recognize the original color emitting around them that I had seen when I was in my realm, but around their physical form, not just a solid energetic mass.

And tuning in... I admire your ability to tune in. I've watched the Tuning In documentaries, and those intellectual beings have changed my life for the better. So, so powerful. How long have you been tuning in for? I should go back and check out your other post before I ask a million questions...haha

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