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I Imagine Things And Sometimes They Play Out


So the psychic happenings all start with my best friend. Sometimes the phone would ring, and I just knew it was going to be her, and lots of people ring my house. Those thoughts always turned out to be true.

On a very small number of occasions, I have imagined having a conversation with someone, and I have actually had that same conversation afterwards. One year, I was in class, and we were marking some math problems. The answer to one particular question was 27, I think, but I had this odd thought, and kept staring at her and willing her to say that the answer was 28. And she did.

One thing that really scares me, is that one of my Mum's friends got pregnant, and I let my imagination run wild, and I thought about things that would happen if she lost the baby. And then she actually did.

On another occasion, I was on a caravan (or trailer) trip with my Dad, and it was pouring with rain. I started having these random ideas for a story when we pulled into the caravan park, about a girl on a camping trip with her father, in this very situation, but with a tent. When they got to the holiday park, they discovered that their tent was soaked through, and everything was wet and miserable. I remember sort of adding the way I was "trudging through the slushy mud' after I got out of the car. I then went inside the caravan, and the floor was wet. Water had leaked through hatches in the side of the caravan.

I do a lot of thinking about stories and things, and during those thoughts, I have a really strong urge to get up and wonder around, and skip, I get so much energy from thinking about ideas for a story, or imagining conversations with people I know. The thoughts block out pretty much everything else from my mind, and when I get overly drawn into them, sometimes they come true.

I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences.

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miamzuk (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-18)
Hi dress123456! I have similar experiences to yours when thoughts come to me & next thing you know it turns out to br true! I also imagine things that have come's like a strong urge... I had my exam recently & I was strongly hoping for 3 topics to come for which I prepared well for... And the questions did come all in a nymerical format... I have more experiences to share...

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