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Feeling Like I've Lived The Present Day Before In A Dream


Every since I turned 19 I've had this feeling like I've lived the present day before in a dream. Sometimes playing video games online I would get up and turn around to kill someone I had no idea was there, other times I would crouch and see a player trying to find me. What started to freak me out was that I would be doing nothing of importance: smoking a square, changing channels, driving where-ever, and I would think to myself a series of events and give very specific timing's and low and behold, it would happen.

Hell I even bet a friend that J Lo and Marc Anthony would break up for a pair of basketball shorts, and isn't she single? But what's got me is that I feel like I would be talking to myself in the future hearing advice that I hadn't giving yet alone thought of yet. Also I've had dreams when I would be an entity or spirit or what have you and I would be talking to myself like I would as I early stated. I don't think that it's wrong but I don't know why I'm like this.

I did walk home 8 miles and amuse myself with making "predictions" when I was 17 and told myself of all the friends I would meet, who I would lose, who I would love, where I would work, what I would drive, even my tattoos, one of which is a number from when I was in a mental health ward and it's a serial number. I never made notes or told many people because I just never thought that what was happening really was, I still don't.

Every day that passes seems to have happened at least 3-4 times depending on who all I interact with. Yet lately I haven't been hearing myself and I'm still having the de-ja-vu feeling even as I type this. I don't know if I'm psychic, crazy, the second coming, or in a coma so any feedback is welcome. And if you were wondering what the other tattoo is, take a wild guess you might be right. Later

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