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Opening Windows To What?


My mum has recognized her psychic ability and I have been brought up with this around me from being very young. It use to scare me as a child as I often saw unexplainable things and heard noises and often heard and still hear what sounds like a mantra when trying to relax. My mum always said if you see or hear something that scares you tell it that it is scaring you because it doesn't mean to it's just trying to talk. As a child I often told spirits to leave me because I wasn't ready and they were scaring me.

Now I am 28, a few different things have happened I have seen images of family members who passed over before I was born, I have heard my name whispered, contacted old friends to find out they are seriously sick but most recently I was walking down a corridor in the school I work in and I saw a window open out right in front of me like a door would. I jumped back and held my hand out to stop myself from walking into it only to realize there was nothing there. Due to safety reasons the windows in school are nothing like the image I saw and do not even open in the way I saw. But the image was as clear as anything I had ever seen. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of apprehension and fear like I should be wary otherwise I was about to hurt myself.

I should say before this vision for about 2hrs I had been feeling very sick, light headed and not much like my usual self. A colleague had commented that I had suddenly gone very pale and suggested I went home but I didn't see this necessary. I didn't notice immediately but when I was explaining to my mum what had happened she asked if the sickness and dizziness had subsided after the image. Which it had.

I was wandering if there is any explanation to what I saw? The window, why was it there? Why was I about to walk into it? I have never seen objects before, normally I have feelings my heart flutters and have seen people but never objects especially moving ones.

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LunaGem (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-22)
Maybe it was your guide or guardian angel. You said the sickness went away after you saw it, so maybe it opened and let 'health' in or was opened to heal you. This is just a suggestion, but I think that is what it intended to do and not to scare you if you felt better after that 😉
❤ Gem

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