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Thid-eye Opening


I posted an article on here a while ago talking about some of these visions I began having late last year, visions I can't really explain but were completely real and vivid, and I wanted to tell you about something else that happened to me that I think is really important. I believe I experienced my third-eye opening one day, and that was the catalyst to all my visions.

It was an incredible experience, and I wonder if anyone has experienced the same thing.

About a year before having my first vision (so about 2 years ago), I was still living in San Francisco working as a server at the Cheesecake Factory downtown. I was fairly new to the city, but I quickly adopted the typical SF habits of eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and practicing yoga frequently (which was great in the city because of Yoga to the People in the Mission which was donation based and really affordable!). I was in a good place in my life (despite being dirt poor). I had just got done reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and was in a pretty spiritual state of mind. Work was going well, and I was there one day, on a pretty normal afternoon, going about my duties, when suddenly I began to feel what was undeniably my third-eye opening and taking deep, long breaths as if it were breathing oxygen for the first time. It was quite unreal as it was happening, and I knew to think of it as my third-eye, but it also felt like it could have been some kind of demon eye or something. It was bloody and primal like some kind of lizard eye. It breathed with me, taking long breaths, I could feel the air against my "eyeball". I also "saw" it too, as if my mind's eye were seeing itself, I could see that it was bloody, and centered right on my forehead, below the surface sort of. I don't remember the eyeball moving around or anything, though, it was just sort of like a sleepy eye. I felt it for quite a while, throughout the rest of my shift and probably when I got home, but I don't remember now. I was calm and peaceful the whole time, but I was sort of thinking it was demonic for some reason, maybe because it was so alien-like. Looking back on it now, though, I know it must have been my third-eye, and I should have done something when it happened, like meditate on it or something, but I just let it pass as a random and curious event in my life, and I carried on.

Now, I wasn't at all concentrating on my third-eye back then, I wasn't even sure of its existence (although, as a Buddhist and yoga practitioner, I believed it could be real), so I'm not sure why or how it opened when it did. All I can guess is that I drank so much water that day, and my system was so clear of toxins from my diet, that it gave my eye the ability to awaken.

A long time after that, after I had almost forgotten about it, I began having truly real visions for the first time ever in my life. It took me a while to put 2 and 2 together, though, and realize that it was because my third-eye opened that I had those visions. They occurred for a period of about 7 months and then they suddenly stopped. I'm not sure why, but for half a year now I haven't seen anything. I started to think about the instance at Cheesecake Factory when my third-eye opened, and I've been wondering if it'll ever happen again, and if I'll ever see visions again.

I read somewhere that once the Ajna (or Third-Eye) is opened, it can never be closed. I hope that's true.

Also, one time (in an unrelated incidence) while I was still having the visions earlier this year, I was lying in bed, had my eyes closed, and I had just seen a vision of this strange blue person in some kind of dimension right in front of my eyes. He was the size of an infant, his bald head right in front of me, he was saying something but he made this weird, high-pitched vocalization, and I could see the sound waves coming out from his mouth (I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but it is honestly what I saw). After that, I felt something weird in my body, a line tracing around places from my chest to my shoulder to my head, and then I began to feel a spinning in the core of my body. It was something on the inside from my head down to my heart, and it spun like it was unwinding. I could force it to stop, but it was kind of hard, and it felt like it wanted to just unravel. I couldn't let it, though, because I was scared, and I thought it shouldn't be doing that.

I had no idea what it was, and I forgot about it until recently when I read an article about kundalini energy. They say that it is like a coiled serpent at the base of your spine, that, when activated, uncoils and runs through your chakras and supercharges you.

So I may have also inadvertently activated my kundalini energy.

Has anyone reading this experienced or knows anything about this?

With Love,


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