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September 11th


I feel somewhat crazy, doing this. Putting this all out there for all of you to read, when I don't even understand all this. I am twenty three years old, and yet I feel like a child who froze during a spelling-bee. I don't even know where to start. I guess I will go back as far as I can remember. I was still in elementary, when I started noticing that some days, were exactly like others, in the way they feel, not like temperature but something else, I can't quite explain.

The endless Deja Vu, even now, the dreams I have of murders that took place long before I was born, that I didn't know about until a few days later, I research into them, I'll watch the television and come up with the same answers before they air, even colors or fabrics. I sense things no one else sees, and I know if I told my family they would admit me to the hospital for mental instability.

They have said I have always been weird, but I never ever imagined I would ever be telling anyone any of this. For years before it happened though. The one thing that stands out to me above everything else. I always had this horrible feeling, all of my life, that something was coming. In the late 90's it got worse. In about 1996 it just would not go away, I would wonder if I was in some horrible trouble, if I did something wrong, and then, in 2001 the feeling stopped and I KNEW something was horribly wrong.

I didn't know the twin towers even existed, nor what they were, being from such a small town it seemed miles away, they told us when I was in Choir. I can't remember the exact time, but I saw the news when I got home. I went upstairs and didn't come home the entire evening. I had had a dream for two days prior that I was on a plane, now mind that I had never been on a plane beforehand. I had a dream I was in the front of the plane, I was a man, with a blue shirt, and a brown suit, brown hair, white skin. (I am a woman) I looked up and my vision was blurry at first, but I saw a man of slightly darker skin screaming things I couldn't understand.

He had a woman by the neck, someone who worked for the airline. People were shouting and screaming all around me and I lunged for the plastic fork, he bit me, but I never let go, I looked back at all the kids and families and I screamed, I looked out the window and I saw buildings, suddenly I was in the cockpit, again a man, watching the people in the building stare in horror, then as the flames came all around, I wasn't anywhere near NYC. I was in a field, the grass was long and unmoved, the ground uneven, and wet.

The grass was yellow and there weren't many trees, I remember being confused, as to why a plane was so low, but it wasn't like the other planes, a smaller two person. But it was still a plane, I yelled for whatever reason, and watched it crash, and I watched the people inside scream and burn, I woke up freaked out but I convinced myself it was just another nightmare and forced myself back to sleep. I am here for more than that reason.

I want to know if I am just freaking out, even after all this time. I have more than just this story. I just want to know if there is actually any reality to this, or if I just need to ignore everything I do experience. I don't want fame and all that other crap. I just want to TRY and be normal. Well. As normal as I can be. I just don't want to be a freak anymore.

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Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-10)
Well there are people who pretend to be a psychic to gain fame. They use any trick to prove that they are psychics but they are not. As for real psychics, they don't need to prove themselves and they try to be more reserved. It doesn't matter whether people believe them or not. Hey genex just be who you are, you know you are normal and you don't have to prove it. Looks like there are narrow minded people around you just like me. I have so many experiences I can tell others but I dont. I don't know if its my empathy that tells me in advance that how will people will react. So I keep silent and not talk about anything to anyone. You should do the same. As for your trust issues, I know you can overcome them. 😁
GeneX (3 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-09)
I just see people on the TV with big hair and long nails and I think... People are missing the point. Some try to look outlandish and to me it is like a mockery. It emphasizes on the outrageous. I know exactly what all my friends would say if I told them all the things I can do. I have serious trust issues, because in my teens they got to much and I got a tad bit out of control, and my parents were going to send me to some mental place, which is the reason I am so withdrawn from them. None of my friends could imagine the stuff I have seen or listened to while acting perfectly normal. I know about others who I have never and probably will never meet. I know what their talent is, sometimes. I want to control it, and stop getting bits and flashes when I don't want them, and be able to put them to use when I do.
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-09)
I totally agree with anne. Our parents taught us that there is nothing like ghosts, spirits and psychic abilities. If we tell them about our experiences, they call us crazy and sick. Its really unfortunate that our society is so narrow minded. Most of the people simply refuse to accept the truth that maybe because they are afraid to face the truth or any other reason. I have seen such dreams too, some were based on natural disasters and some others. You can't call yourself freak if others call you that. Hey genex if you want to discuss your experiences with someone, then choose a broad minded and wise person who has same experiences like you. Until now I was keeping my experiences to myself only because I had a feeling that people will only make fun of me. Just for a try I told one or two experiences to my big brother and he still makes fun of me that proves me right to keep secrets. If you have any other experiences, feel free to share because no one here will make fun of you or ignore what you say. Hope you won't call yourself a freak anymore. Take care and bye. 😁
GeneX (3 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-09)
I don't want to fit in, just be less restrained, I guess would be the term. I feel weird telling people this because I was always taught people who claimed to be like this were liars and con artists, which just left in in an awkward silence because it is how I have always been. It started out seeing things and having an "overactive" imagination. Needless to say when people didn't listen I retracted into myself. I see figures and hear things all the time, that psychic kid show, I thought of the spirit bothering the girl before I watched the rest of the show. I have no idea how it even gets triggered, and my boyfriend knows, and he is the same so he is open to it, even if I keep things back. I will watch other things where people will talk about a demon and I will know the name before they say it, I tend to be more in tune with darker things I guess. No the feeling hasn't gotten better.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-03-08)
If you think you are a freak then I guess you've come to freak central! Your story is "outlandish" to you but fits right in here. You're amongst many like you. And hey, who is the freak? The people so full of fear that the slightest thing that takes them out of the herd, they run screaming for cover? I'd prefer to be abnormal any day then be a fear-based, closed minded human. We're so much more interesting!

Many psychics, including myself, had airplane dreams leading up to 9/11. But even if we said something, society doesn't listen to psychics (even famous ones) so sometimes we're forced into the picture of waiting and watching.

There are small plane crashes all of the time so who is to say if you're looking into a specific event or not on the smaller plane dream.

Question: Have these feelings that something horrible is coming gone away? For me, they have not. In fact, what I feel makes 9/11 seem like a drop in the bucket in terms of life changing events unfolding.

Thanks for sharing.

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