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Somehow I Knew


My name is Thomas, and I believe I may have recently tapped into my family's history of psychic prowess. I can sense people's emotions, and think ahead almost like I know what's going to happen, I am only in high school. Since I am only in high school the fact of me being, well psychic, frightens me. Going against every logical instinct I have, I have tried to connect with myself, trying to make it easier to help a good friend of mine.

My friend is the only reason I found this out, it went a little something like this. My friend, let's call her Kalyn, just got out of an abusive relationship. One day I couldn't take it, she had a smile on her face but somehow, I knew it was fake. So I pulled her outside from class and felt like crying, turns out my worst fear was right. I sensed something was wrong, but oddly enough, this time I knew what. It just sort of hit me in the back of the head, she was saying she was so happy that she got out of the relationship. Out of nowhere I just said "Don't give me those lies, just tell me why you let him do that." She was shocked, asking me what I knew. I told her I knew all about her abortion, and how he made her do it. Barely ever speaking to her before hand, and it just came to me, I literally felt her pain, I was about to bust out into tears, needless to say she was already.

So after that fateful day, I'm trying to figure out what happened. And what made me search this up is I saw Kalyn's ex today, and I read him like a book. Told him he was a coward, abused at home so he has to take it out on people he has the upper hand on. He sort of wanted to hurt me right there, but I just knew for some reason he wouldn't. By the way this guy is 17, I am 15, he has a weight and height advantage, somehow I still made him back down.

To stop this story from going on to a ramble of jumbled words, I just talked to my mom, and she said my grandmother was a full blown psychic. So can this run in the family? And anyone who is reading this and has experience with psychic ability who is willing to give some advice please comment. Thank you for reading,


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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-26)
Interesting story!

When tapping into information or reading it.
One has to be aware that you receive
Dark secrets no one wants to talk about.
At other times it can be great and promising news.
The best route is to be inbetween when seeing
A persons pain and direct to a higher path when

Also understanding that people do come from
Backrounds of dynfunction: Abuse emotinally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Again some news can be promising, encouraging
And predictions of future.

People that allow themself to be
Bullied or abused in any manner are only
In a Cycle of Co-dependency and fall into
Three catagories.
A Rescuer, Victim, or abuser.

Some of this conditing comes environmentally.
And at other times it is karma brought over
From another life time. At other times
It can be a combination of both.

We all have things to work on so setting
People minds and hearts at ease with
Unconditional acceptance is a priority.


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