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I Knew His Name Before I Met Him


Last summer I signed up for a college math class, and two weeks previous to starting this class a name (just a first name) kept reoccurring like an auditory message. It was a male name, and no matter what I was doing it kept popping up like a thought, out of nowhere. Anyway, during my first day of class I sat silently while people were still walking in, and I noticed a guy right when he walked in.

We immediately looked at each other as he sat down, and the stare was intense. By the time everyone showed up the instructor wanted every student to introduce themselves; our name, major, where we were from, etc. When it was his turn, he introduced himself by the name that kept reoccurring previously to starting the class.

I had no idea what to make of this, and I still don't. I've had other psychic experiences, but nothing quite like this. We rarely spoke in class, but the second day he sat by me; it was the only time he ever sat by anyone. Whenever we did look at each other it was eerie; as if paralyzing. By the time the class ended nothing happened between us, and I didn't do anything about it. That was in the end of July.

Last December I saw him again unexpectedly after four months of not seeing each other; he was behind me in a line at a store. His reaction to seeing me caught me off guard. He stood outside of the line so I was in his direct view because he was behind a woman who was behind me. When the woman left the line and he was directly behind me, he positioned himself to the side where I could see him, and he stood a little too close to me.

After this all occurred I've had visions (not dreams). First one was of a child that I assume is mine, though the child looked as if he could of been a mixture of both him and I. The second occurred about a few weeks ago and it was of him doing something work related, and the last one of him with a woman. However, the last one was in black and white and was a bit fuzzy; I could make out his face but not the woman's. Whenever I have a vision they are always in color, so I found the last vision unusual.

I'm having trouble understanding this, and I've asked others who are sensitive what it could mean. I've gotten that it's a warning sign to he's the one. Please comment if you've experienced this or something similar or have an idea.

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WordsAreMeaningless (19 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-25)
I would like to say that I've known since I was a little girl that I would have a son. I knew how he'd look as a baby and how he would look about now. I knew I'd be having a brown-eyed Milky Bar Kid, yet it always seemed unlikely as I come from a Greek/British family and we don't have any blondes, nor do many of us have brown eyes in the family. I had dreams about the boy, but it wasn't just dreams. I just knew. Every time I looked at a boy that looked like the Milky Bar Kid I knew I would one day be mother to a little boy that looked very similar.

My son was born a few years ago. I was absolutely right.
Lenna (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-15)
Hi guys, Starrynight, I feel a bit... Identified? With you, and Krislove, I really like your message here. DO you think guys that you could e-mail me? My e-mail is in my profile, and I think I might be interested in hearing what you might say about my situation...

Take care you guys!
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-21)
Hi I pretty much agree with everyone. I also have a similar experience to yours but I see him in my dreams so I haven't physically met him yet. Good luck
Starrynight88 (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-17)
Thank you everyone for your input, I appreciate it. I've been researching the difference between twin flame and soul mate; I read it's extremely rare for a twin flame to be incarnated the same time as you, and a soul mate is much more likely.
Lara_Usha (2 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-17)
Hi there- first of all I love your name- I like the song. Anyway, on topic- I agree that this guy might be your twin flame. Anyway, I just wanted to say that once something similar happened to me. I dreamed of this little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, and I was so completely sure that she was my daughter. I guess that means I am going to marry someone with blue eyes? I don't know, but the dream shook me emotionally.
Krislove (65 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
I agree with tafffyinky, he could be your soul mate or your twin flame. Either one would fit but you only have one twin flame. I've recently come upon this term and researched it. For years now I've been having dreams about a man that I do not know. After every dream I feel like there's this intense feeling of being loved. I don't know how to explain it. I always thought I was being fanciful but it turns out it could be my twin flame. I don't think I've met him yet so I can't really relate to you on that score but I do know how it feels. Hang in there.

I just want to leave you with some thought, Sometimes we have to make a move and do something about our situation and not just sit around and wait for something to happened, cause it may never happen. Try to live without regrets, rejection is also a lesson to be learn. Don't be afraid.
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-15)
He might be your twin flame/soul or a soul mate. From the research that I have already done, twin flames are the people that we are meant to be with, basically what you probably think of a soul mate as. There is also only one twin flame/soul Soul mates are people that we can live with and get along with pretty well. They aren't as powerful as twin flames/souls but you can marry or be in a relationship with them. There are many soul mates for each person. There are also tell tale signs saying if this is a twin flame, soul mate, etc. Try searching this up and "classify" what you two are.
sweetz (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-15)
Well I had a similar experience, I had a vivid dream about a man and two babies. The difference is I never see his face. I think maybe, just maybe he is the man you will be with. Sometimes I think we get puzzle pieces and we just have found out how things fit together. 😁

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