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Deju Vu, And Crying Hysterically To Hapiness


First off, I wanted to say hello to everyone and that I wanted to share a few of my experiences. Hopefully I can get some feedback from the professionals and members here.

My first occurrence about déjà vu, starts off as being quite normal for me. I have very usual instances where I will imagine certain people, certain thoughts, and issues tied in with futuristic events that I may have on my mind. At some point in the future I will see that person or experience what I was thinking. Whether I see it on the news, hear about it through someone or better yet experience it for myself it happens. Now, I don't know if I have psychic abilities but I feel if I can get some answers, I may in fact have some capabilities. This has been happening throughout my entire life, since I have been intuitive or perceptive to it. I have been paying attention more and more, because the feelings are strong! Another thing that really has bugged me a good duration of my life is that, I have always thought of the age "33" since about 17 years old. Which has kind of freaked me out. I am now 33 and am starting to really feel more and more up and down each day. I don't know if it has to do with the whole 2012 thing going into 2013, but it is quite odd and wondrous to me. I don't feel as if I am all there some days, because of my feelings. On a positive note, I am also a health nut at my younger age, and do not take any medications whatsoever.

My next scenario is listed below:

Last weekend on Saturday night, I came home from being out with friends and got home at 11:00pm. We did participate in some drinking activities and of course it is fun to see the boys every now and then! Later on around 12:30am, I was relaxed watching TV and thinking of bed, and then all of sudden I blanked out and boom I started crying hysterically for no reason! I felt something dark was trying to tell me something, I woke up my wife and consoled me and was quite concerned. I don't really know what happened, it was very fast and worrisome. But it gets nicer. About fifteen minutes later I felt almost as if something benevolent touched me, and after that I was floating and felt I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before in my life. That was quite odd as you can imagine. I just wanted to see if anyone has thoughts or had experiences like these? I am hoping to get some answers because I want to accept who I am on a more educational level when it comes to these subjects!


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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
It seems to me that you are subconsciously picking up on what's happening on the earth today. Regardless of you having fun and drinking with pals, you're still picking up on the fact that at your age of 33, the earth's is undergoing significant negative effects. The gulf oil mess that's still a huge problem, endless radiation spewing from Japan, China's horrific pollution problems, endless wars, hundreds of thousands of deaths of birds, bees, bats, fish and mammals. No matter how much time we "tune out" via our phone, friends or tv, this is still permeating the etheric and we're going to feel it on some level because we are all connected. You've been, in your own form, able to see the future and have been aware of the age of 2012 via the constant drum of 33 in your mind. I would not be surprised if we all woke up hysterically crying. Anyone with a grain of humanity to them would. And we should cry because what is transpiring is deeply disturbing. We should all wake up and be aware of the dead end we've reached as a species. This is why I wrote the article called "Our spirituality is all that remains." This is similar to people who are put under while a serious operation happens. When they wake up, they have no memory of it but they often wake up kicking, punching or crying. Consciously they were asleep, but subconsciously they felt every bit of the suffering. We have all dulled our senses while awake with too much inane crud, but we are ever so conscious while we sleep.

Mankind refuses to change because absolute power has resulted in absolute corruption. Enjoy what's left of these few years left on planet earth and work on your spirituality, whatever that looks like to you. This all sounds sad and grim but you know what? It is and we have to live with it. Continue paying attention to what your higher self is trying to tell you right now. The hand on the clock is about at twelve. 33 has been a mantra for a reason.


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