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So, anyway, I have a couple friends that might have some magical abilities.

First, a friend named Albert (just in case, that's not his real name) who may be a mind reader. My mind usually wanders and goes completely off topic, so when we were talking about something in Science class, I started to think about something off topic. Suddenly Albert shouted it, even though no one else was thinking of it. I know, that's only some proof, but then I thought, "Okay, Albert. If you can read my mind, raise your right pinky." At first nothing happened, and I thought "Alright, that's it then." Then he lifted his hand and I noticed his pinky went up higher than his other fingers.

And then there's my friend Amy (again, not her real name). I had a friend who died at age 12. At my school (not the school the dead friend went to), since most of us knew him, we had a little meeting about him. When the dead friend grew up, he wanted to be a soldier in the military. Amy, at the meeting, saw him standing next to the American flag in an army uniform at about age 20, out of the corner of her eye.

Finally, something about me. So, for a while I experiences severe Déjà Vu all the time. Once that ended, I constantly started lucid dreaming, easily being able to predict when I was dreaming and easily manipulating it. Then, recently that ended, because my dreams are now random blurs of people saying something, some images, etc. Sometimes, though, what I dream is something someone says later in the day, but most of the time it seems to be random junk. Also, I see words in front of my eyes (hard to describe, probably from my constant reading). One time I kept seeing the words "Green Death". They scared me, but I constantly saw them. "Green Death." "Green Death." "Green Death." Then, I found out "Green Death" was the name of the last chapter in my book, the name of a dragon. I hadn't read the chapter names beforehand.

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