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I just discovered this website and I want to share my experiences in hopes on getting some feedback.

I am currently 20 years old. My first experience happened was when I was five, I saw an angel at the foot of my bed. It was female, all white, had wings. Typically what you would imagine, I suppose. It frightened me at first so I hid under the covers and when I looked out she was gone.

From the age of six to about twelve I always thought I could see dead people. I would tell my friends and siblings about it. My stepmother discouraged it and I started seeing/feeling it less. But I've always, even up until now, have had feelings of another presence, especially when I am alone. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of it and sometimes I feel at ease.

I also have seen blue/red/yellow bright little dots or lights. I've been able to do that for some time now, but I always brushed it off thinking it was my eyes. Recently, I have discovered if I concentrate I can see vivid colors sometimes it almost looks static-like. I don't quite know what any of this means.

Lastly, in the three months I have become interested in the metaphysical. I am learning more about the healing powers of crystals. I own several, always am wearing one. I cleanse them and make sure I take care of them like I would a plant or pet. I've also started trying to work on my chakras. Five months ago I would have never known what a chakra was, so I am very knew to all of this.

My roommate is also into the metaphysical, and so is my grandmother. My mother's side of the family is very supportive of my interests in these things. As well as my boyfriend. I have a lot of loving support and am trying to keep the positive in my life. I tend to harp on the negative of the world, so I am trying to stay away from that.

Any information to further my discoveries would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Peace.

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jodenx12 (70 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
if you are eager to learn more things email me at jodenx12 [at]
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
You are doing very well and should be proud of yourself. I love crystals and have an amazing collection of them. I too treat them as the precious items that they are. The dots of lights you are seeing are probably astral matter. When I'm in peak spiritual mode, I can see the finer vibrations of the astral, so much so they fill my surroundings.

It is hard to look at this world and not be negative. Don't beat yourself up over that. You're too conscious not to notice the state the world is in. To grieve is natural. But yes, there is only so much conscious people can do to help fix the world and to dwell on it will only lower our vibrations. Wouldn't it be magnificent if everyone loved and treasured crystals, animals, and the earth? I would gladly go back to village living if it meant curing the earth of her man induced woes. I wrote an article on my spiritual site called The Amish Had It Right ( that relates to this.

Continue your education. You're so fortunate that you have the internet but if you can afford to, pick up some books (or borrow for free from the library) on what all interests you. One thing always leads to another, as you are finding out. There is much to see and do in reference to your spiritual path. Your higherself will guide you where you need to be so trust in that. You're a woman now so it matters not what your stepmother thinks. I personally think you will be a blessing and asset to this world and hope that much of you rubs off on others.
Be well.

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