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Some Questions Of Energy And Consciousness


This is a question I have about psychic energy and controlling it.

I think I've always had this, but it seems to be amplified by my "awakening". A lot of times it's random, sometimes it's when I feel a strong emotion, mainly sadness, or when I understand things. It's like this energy that vibrates inside. Sometimes it starts with my feet, sometimes my arms, sometimes my torso. It happens more on some days than others. A couple times I've been able to move it from other places to my hands. What is this? Is there a name for it? What are some things that you could do with this energy?

When I go to bed, I usually enter a half dream half sleep state. When I first did this, it was a comfortable state, I'd even fall asleep during. But lately, as soon as I start seeing things, I get hot, and tense. I end up just rolling over and go to sleep. Is it possible some things trying to stop me from seeing? The last time, I stuck it out, and the weirdest thing happened, it was like a very rough finger, or dull claw

Kind of traced a line on my forehead. I have never had that happen before. I just kind of noticed it and thought of it strangely as a "pastel" and then I realized how weird it was.

Here's something weird I've noticed also: when I look at a room, and I close my eyes, I will see the room where the light hits it. Say I'm looking at a sunny kitchen and I close my eyes, I see a perfect imprint. It's not instant, like a burned retina, but it takes a couple seconds to form. It's not like a memory, because its perfect. Has anyone else experienced this?

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brightpup2 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-10-12)
yes this is a very good gift. We are on a path to ascension. To get closer to ascension you must believe/discover and use your abilities. How do I know this and why do I believe this becuase I have been feeling the same things you just described. I have been getting visions of me exsisting in a brand new way, and visions of my body glowing with some kind of light. I sense you have to been haveing visons like this.
thatguy (7 stories) (43 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-01)
thanks for the comments! Tyler, I tried that technique, and it busted me through my "energy crisis"xD. I have been trying to find a way to "feel" my own energy for a couple days now. After about three minutes of meditation, I felt something going towards my hands. I put my two hands together as if to make a ball, and it was like a magnetic field. After the realization hit what I was doing, I got this huge surge through my body, and had the urge to throw it. Very cool.

As for the entity, I'm sorry to be so scatter brained, but this actually happened the same night as when I had the vision of the thing "autese" in my previous story. What made it extra strange is it was a very positive day. I was in the car to pick up my little brother that I hadnt seen in a long time, and I was being with family, singing. Also, that night, before the scratch thing, instead of an itch or something that usually happens before I go into deep sleep meditation, it was an intense pain in the back of my head. Around this time discomfort started. It happens on and off, its like... I can't get enough air. I can't relax. Its like the most discomfort you could experience.

a while ago, I stuck it out, and tried to stay in this state. I think when I focused on it it went away, but then it comes back. I also kept having thoughts like "give up" "just quit".although I don't know if this was just me. It was pretty strange. If the pastel had a color it was black.
the light imprint for me usually turns purple or blue, yes. Id consider it a natural thing too, but it never used to happen to me before my awakening.
Thanks so much for the help you guys, I really appreciate it!
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-01)
Yes I see that light imprint all the time, I'm not sure it's psychic though, always just thought it was a normal phenomenon. What's strange is that the imprint turns colours in my mind, usually purple or blue. Does that happen to you?

Absolutely, the psychic experiences tend to skyrocket during/after an awakening. Prepare yourself:) Took me a good few months to get some control over it, it was a daily and nightly non stop event! Eventually you will learn I think that you can control it, switch it on and off for the most part. You may wish to try daily meditation to ground yourself and to gather the information you are to know in a more controlled manner.

I thought Tyler86 explained the heat in your body very well. As far as I understand it, it's the healing energy flowing. I almost only have to think now about this topic and my hands start getting warm and vibrating.

I had a horrible time sleeping after awakening due to all the things I kept seeing! Try just telling yourself that you want to sleep and just say in your mind, go to sleep and that usually works. You can also try asking that you only see things in your dreams rather than actually seeing visions.

As for the entity you saw... Totally agree with Tyler86, third eye opening possibly but very important to stay positive in this state or you will see these negative scary things. You will need to stay positive from now on, that's part of all of this. You must overcome fears and stay in the positive and light and love. It's sort of like learning to ride a bike:) you have to conciously practice to be positive, feel positive, and not allow fears and negativity to creep in. It just takes some practice and then it just becomes a natural state of being. You sort of gain confidence in it and know you can deal with just about anything that comes your way:)

When you describe it as "pastel", did this pastel feeling have a colour?

Congrats on your awakening, please keep writing in with any questions.
Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-30)
It sounds like your lightbody is awakening. You are becoming more and more sensitive to the vibrations around you, including your own. The vibrations within your hands could resemble the awakening of your hand chakras for the purpose of healing. Try this: I want you to sit in a chair. Back straight. Feet on the floor and knees together. Take your hands and hold them, palms up, in front of you. Take 3 deep breathes. Make sure your stomach inflates with each inhale. Now after you come to a relaxed state, imagine energy coming into your hands. Imagine your your palms spinning. If you feel as though your hands are filling with water, or they become heavy, it means you are channeling energy. If you fill your hands get heavy, switch their positions. Face them towards each other, but leave about 2 inches between them. Then, do the same thing. Breathe and imagine your hands filling with energy. Enjoy the sensation.

As for the entity, remember, we gain 'all' answers by facing our own fears. Even though it seems we are consciously fearless, our subconscious could still be fearful. Work on telling yourself, "I am not afraid". It is the fear that keeps us from gaining the truth.

The spirit touching your forehead, to me, sounds like it is trying to get you to work on opening your Third-Eye. The next time your body overcomes with a warm energy, tune into it. Examine your body to find the reason for this sensation. Everything has a reason, but the reason behind your encounter can only be defined by you.

Happy Journeying!:D

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