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Recently, I have move to Oregon from California with my grandmother and aunt. In this house there have been some weird things, along with me just feeling like there's something here.

For instance, I was outside cooking, and I look inside to see something walking up the stairs. I look away, and realize I didn't really see anything, just something. I then look back and see it still walking up. I assume its my grandmother, but when I walk in shes in the kitchen. I asked if she went up the stairs, she said no.

I was sleeping on an air matress (I'm still not sure about this one) that deflates in the night. I wake up to it on the ground in the middle of the night. Later on, at about six o'clock, I awake to an almost full air mattress. I also all most remember someone walking in and filling it. I asked, nobody did.

Later that day, I was cleaning my room. I kicked my boot out of the way, and then when I look over, I see the toe of it is on the air pump, as if to fill it, which was still connected to the bed.

One night I had a dream, there was this board game we were all playing, and we needed to flip the pieces to the other side of the board. After a couple minutes of looking it over, I realized it was impossible, and a trick. I stand up angrily in the dream and say "begone demon". After that, it was like a vortex. Energy was moving out. I remember an electric blue color, and it seemed to look like when the stars ships would hit light speed. I awoke to find myself in a position on my belly, with my hands in front of me clasped together in like a diamond shape, and my legs in the same position. It seemed to make sense at the time. It's also strange because when dreaming, sleep paralysis takes hold. Recalling these things makes energy course through my body, and it seems all my arm and leg hairs have stood up.

when I sleep, most of the time I let myself drift. I can't seem to just fall asleep in this state. I'll have trouble breathing, I'll be tense, I'll get too hot, things will jolt me awake, iv had things scratch me, and sometimes the sensations I come across just aren't pleasant. One time it was a snake crawling through my skin, one time it felt like my brain was slowly melting and dripping down my head. And it seems to change with location.

Anyway, I was in this state. I'm excepting tickets for something. A squat figure hands me a ticket. I except it without question, but then realize it's not something I want to except. I hand it back and say something like "i refuse you, demon". It grinned and said that humans were bestial in nature, no reason to fight it. To this I said "it is my path to become something better." it seemed like id said this before, and it was perfect. Like an ancient battle of light versus darkness. Hard to explain. It's very strange because I have no real set religion, and what I said felt so practiced.

I don't know how much time passed. I get the image of a fist punching glass, for a couple seconds, then I hear something in my room fall a short distance. Sounded heavy. I realize I need to get up, so I open y eyes. It feels like a lot of energy moving outwards. I say "begone demon". I suppose it could of been a dream. I saw something on tv that

Was on theological Satanism. But the sounds, and the feelings, I believe it was extrasensory.

I can't remember if it was the day after or that very night, but when I

Entered the dream state, I banished something. The weird thing is, I don't remember it clearly. I don't know why I was trying to banish it. When I was doing it, and there was an air of finality in my remembrance, I heard this metal clank outside in the distance, that I've never heard before. I once again left my trance state, and just when I thought it for a fluke, it did it once more. After this, I had no more weird things happen in the house. Then this happened, a week or two after.

I'm in the car, and I decide to enter my sleep state. I see a body slumping into a chair, in a backroom of an old timey hospital. It had the feeling of a mental institution. I get the feeling something's trying to take me.

I then get the image of a plaque type thing. It says something in the means of thank, or love, or hold accountable for: autese. When I first looked at it (in the dream) I noticed the "aut" part, but my brain made sense of it so fast. It was either autese or autice. I kind of get the feeling that whatever it was, it was insane, and that's its name. I cannot find any reasonable explanation why I would get that name. I found someone named autice, and autese is a Spanish surname, but iv never heard the name before.

I don't think its the same as the other spirit. I have not encountered that one again, but I feel like the other one may just be lying low. I still see things moving in the house. I would appreciate any advice on how to interpret these "visions", and where they are coming from.

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brightpup2 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-10-12)
yes chances are that one spirit can help you get rid of the other. Maybe in life that bad spirit hurt the other spriit and its unfished business is revenge. TO get rid of the bad spirit you must help the other spirit get its revenge.

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