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Vision, Astral Projection, Or Something Else?


I'm 15 and I've been experiencing ghost like things since I could remember which for sure was about when I was ten. It could have started way before then and I remember being scared my whole life, but I can't remember why really. I've been wondering what this means. Was med for the first time on Friday. I started by clearing my mind and then closed my eyes. I focused on the music and the colors I saw (shades of green). When I started feeling like I was sinking into my chair. Then the green turned purple and then everything went black and I couldn't feel anything. Then I felt like I was floating. While I felt like I was floating I saw a woman who looked like she was from the 1700's and was upset about something. I could feel all her emotions. Then I saw a baby and knew immediately that the woman had somehow lost her baby. When I saw the baby I could feel the woman's emotions. She was confused and terrified but extremely sad. I also knew the baby was a boy. I don't know what happened but now I can't get focused enough to meditate again. Also I getting intense feeling of being watched that I always have. I don't know if I am psychic but I don't know what else this could be besides some form of a personality disorder. My mom thinks that 2 of her sisters and her mom are psychic. My dad's mom thinks I could be psychic. My mom is a very one sided catholic but not discriminatory, but it really surprised me that she said she thinks her sisters are. She also said that maybe I was. I don't know. If anyone can shed some light on my situation it would help very much. Also if anyone has any easy meditation techniques for beginners I would try those as well. Thank you

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emilyful7 (4 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-27)
thanks so much. I also (still) have a horrible fear of the dark. I hear things like whispers and people calling my name. Thats also when I see the mist shadows. I have to sleep with a tv on and a night light. I actually haven't told my parents really. We joked about it a little and she brought it up in the beginning. I am secretly getting books from the library to get books on the subject. I'm planning on telling them once I understand this better. But I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!:)
manda2000 (2 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-26)
i don't know about the meditation thing that happened to you but I know what its like to feel like you're being watched and seeing ghosts. When I was little (I'm 15 now), I would be terrified of the dark, and not like normal, I would scream if I was alone and say "mommy there are bad people in the dark" and stuff like that. She just thought I was watching scary movies when I wasn't. But when ever my mom would leave the room I would feel watched in the dark and hear evil laughter. I eventually at some age grew out of that ability, but to this day I still fell like I'm being watched, and I still hear talking and such like from when I was little. But you should ask your family since there are psychics in your family, and your out in the open about this stuff. Keep telling your aunts what you feel, and keep a book and write what you hear the date and time (you might find some pattern). But I haven't told my mom that I'm psychic so if you could tell me what they think that would be cool. Hope I helped:D
thatguy (7 stories) (43 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-24)
psychic is a general word for those open to the extrasensory. Anyone can do it, some are just more apt. Most times, things we see during meditation are just dreams. Maybe its part dream, part psychic. You need to learn to analyze your subconscious, to find if that was a dream or a vision. Id reccomend reading psychology books, and learning how your brain works before how psychics work. Heres a good meditation technique I used a couple of times with great results, though it can take a while. Do it when your in bed and about to go to sleep. Tense your legs, then your arms, then your torso, then your neck. Do not move them again. Open and close your eyes every ten seconds, focusing on one spot. When your eyes get to the point where your forcing them to open, stop. Visualize all your problems, (I use a wheel thing) and just look at each problem with indeference, not spending too much time on any. Eventually, you will notice your breathing is that of a sleeping person. You are asleep. This is a world of intense calm, and a place to explore. This is the first method I used. Its actually a lucid dreaming method, but it "opened my eye". You may have visions in this state. You will see intense colors, light and shapes. Just follow it and see where it takes you. If something happens and you get scared, envision a bright white light. Above all, believe in yourself and remember your own willpower can conquer anything there.

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