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Dreams Of Things Before They Happen


I would always have dreams before they happen

Before I lived in all my houses I dreamed of my most happiest times in them or I would have dreams of me and my sister doing things together once me and my sister watched a movie but I dreamed all of the movie so I ended up leaving telling her I watched already

I would also know who is on the phone before I pick it up, or sometimes if my sister or family member is listening to a song I will hear it in my head and start singing it even when my sister was miles away I told her what song was stuck my head when I was talking to her on Facebook she said she was listening to it

When I drive around with my family I hate lights so when I go near them I start thinking "green green" or "stay green" and most of the times it will stay green even though we are like about 4 or 5 blocks away and not sure about that one so yea

I'll try to tell you about most of my dreams that came true

I had a dream about the current house I'm in it was me in my bed with my star grazer on and star was all over my room this dream was before I even lived there

I even had dreams of animals before we owned them and how we would get them

And whenever my family calls like I said earlier I would always yell like its mum or nan to my sister or who Evers with me

Me and my sister are alike we know who is on the phone before we even pick up the phone we sometime dream of the future or start think of something before it comes on or happens but lately I have not been see the future in my dreams but have been knowing who is on the phone or something will pop in my head and it will happens

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