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Experiencing Ghosts Since I Could Remember


I'm 15 and I've been experiencing ghost like things since I could remember which for sure was about when I was ten. It could have started way before then and I remember being scared my whole life, but I can't remember why really. I've been wondering what this means. I was meditating for the first time on Friday. I started by clearing my mind and then closed my eyes. I focused on the music and the colors I saw when I closed my eyes (shades of green). Then I started feeling like I was sinking into my chair. Then the green turned purple and then everything went black and I couldn't feel anything. Then I felt like I was floating. While I felt like I was floating I saw a woman who looked like she was from the 1700's and was upset about something. I could feel all her emotions. Then I saw a baby and knew immediately that the woman had somehow lost her baby. When I saw the baby I could feel the woman's emotions. She was confused and terrified but extremely sad. I also knew the baby was a boy. I don't know what happened but now I can't get focused enough to meditate again. Also I getting intense feeling of being watched that I always have. I don't know if I am psychic but I don't know what else this could be besides some form of a personality disorder. My mom thinks that 2 of her sisters and her mom are psychic. My dad's mom thinks I could be psychic. My mom is a very one sided catholic but not discriminatory, but it really surprised me that she said she thinks her sisters are. She also said that maybe I was. I don't know. If anyone can shed some light on my situation it would help very much. Also if anyone has any easy meditation techniques for beginners I would try those as well. Thank you

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Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-30)
To me, it seems as though you are a psychic medium. The elevation of your consciousness was triggered when you meditated, which allowed for yourself to clarify your readiness to enhance your ability. There is nothing to fear, my child. You are called to serve the assistance of those on the spiritual plane. It is truly a great gift to have. At first it may be a bit confusing, but you are to interpret the meanings yourself, as you the spirit were guided to you for a reason. The reason behind the encounter is for you to interpret. If ever you feel confused, remember to go with your intuition, as the inner voice is more accurate than logic reasoning. Majority of psychic gifts deal with feeling and knowing. And, most of all, dismiss anything you hear, or read, about anything evil. At times you may come across a spirit that isn't happy. That is normal. If you look on the physical plane you will see evil. Evil is everywhere. The only way to avoid evil is to stay positive. Stay in the light. Love everyone and everything, including yourself, as love comes from within. You control your reality. You control what you encounter. You control your level of consciousness.
max727272 (2 stories) (38 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-28)
OK so its called 'the G breath' and its really relaxing and it helps me right before I decide to focus on spiritual things. I got it from a very spiritual friend. It's also online. Here is the only way I can explain it:
Breath in through mouth, out through mouth, in through mouth, out through nose, in through nose, out through nose, in through nose, out through mouth, in through mouth, out through mouth, in through mouth, out through nose, in through nose, out through nose, in through nose, out through mouth, in through mouth, out through mouth, in through mouth, out through nose, in through nose, out through nose, in through nose, out through mouth, in through mouth, and out from your mouth. You should be sitting down when you do this because it will make you feel a little bit dizzy at first. Then very relaxed if you did it right. You kind of have to take slow breaths for it to work well. When I try and communicate spiritually or learn something new I usually ask for help from my spirit guides, and for Arch Angel Michael to keep me safe, then just relax and focus on what you are looking for. It usually helps me when I'm outside, where its calm and relaxing. Just be open and ready to learn. Good luck:) I'm not an expert but I hope this helps!
emilyful7 (4 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-28)
Thanks! I would love thay breathing eccersize, if its not to much trouble. I've been wanting to figure out what the baby meant, I'm just not sure how to get started. Do you know any easy ways to communicate with them besises meditation?
max7272 (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-27)
It sounds like you are very gifted. First of all, I am very intune with energy. I can also see spirits in different forms. Acually, when I read that you see green when you close your eyes I immediately thought about myself. I also see a lot of different colors when I close my eyes. It's ok to be cautious about what you are seeing. You are lucky you can talk to your mother and your father about what you expierience, especially since they seem pretty open about it. I don't think there is exactly certain abilities you have to be able to have to be considered 'psychic.' Many people have many different kinds of gifts. I don't think anything is wrong with you, just that you might be connected to the other side a little more than others, kind of like me. I don't know exactly what your expierience with the mother and her baby was. I have a few friends that have had spirits try and contact them to get a message over to a loved one, but I'm not sure what your vision meant. I know it's all confusing, but just try and learn more about it if you want. It's good to be aware, and I also find that meditating helps me focus and relax. Everytime before I mediatate I pray to Jesus and Archangel Michael to keep me safe, and only let good things near me. Just try and get in a calm enviroment and relax. I also have been able to get a little guidance from dreams, so maybe you could pray for a little help that way. There is this breathing exercise I know that I use alot. It's really calming and it relaxes me. I can give it to you if you want, just tell me if you do, because its pretty long. I hope this helps. Just continue to communicate with your parents and people you trust about it... Maybe your mother's sisters too, it sounds like? Anyways, I wish you the best. If you need any other advice, feel free to cantact me by email or such. I wish you the best:)

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