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Children Crying for Him


For those of you who have read and or commented on my story Everything comes full circle thank you. Your feedback, so far, has been that of a pleasant reminder that other people have been through what I have.

I want to share another story that before now I have never spoke of, not all of it anyway. I believe, everything happens for a reason, Good and bad, I have not figured out why this is and I do not try to for the fact that some things are what they are. I also believe that sometimes you are put in places that show this to be true.

I was about 17 when I decided to try something new. I had gone to one of our local malls just before Christmas to apply for a job as Santa's helper. I got the job on the spot and was to start working the very next day. That morning I felt good about my new position on the pay roll. The idea of seeing all those children happy and excited made me feel somewhat younger than I already was.

I worked there for about a week when strange things began to happen. I would come in before the mall opened to set up the camera and take care of any and all that needed to be done before the children came to get their picture taken with the jolly man himself.

I would hear children laughing and playing as well as crying and whining. Since there were no children around I pushed aside the chatter and did what I was there to do, "work" As the work days went on the noise became so loud that I could not bear it any more why was I hearing so much? I know around the holidays the spirits were more active but come on this was too much. I knew I could not do anything about it and did not want them to leave. I just wanted and wished I had a volume switch to turn it down.

One day I remember it to be a Tuesday; I received a phone call asking if I could work at one of the other malls. Someone had called in sick and I was the one who they felt could help them the most. I felt this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, a feeling that something was off. I placed a call to my boss and explained the situation. My boss said it would be fine if I wanted to go help them. I could not help but feel as if I should not go. I called my boss back to let her know that I really felt as if something was wrong.

She explained to me that she would call to confirm what was needed, then get back to me. I waited by the phone for her to return my call, when she did she seemed confused about the whole thing. Apparently they had no need for me nor did anyone place a call for me to come in. Confused at this I simply replied with an alright I will be there shortly.

I sat on the couch to gather myself as well as put my shoes on when the feeling of someone tugging on the hood of my jacket startled me. I jumped to my feet looked around, Nothing at all. A little frightened I headed for the door in more than a brisk walk. I opened the front door stepped out turned around it was at that moment I saw a shadow of a kid walk around the corner. Knowing there were no kids in the house at that time I knew some spirit was playing with me.

Shortly after, the chattering began again. The message was so clear now it was hard to avoid. It was as if there was someone standing right next to me yelling in my ear. Leave now or he will die. I heard a little boy crying and another saying she will make it in time. More than a little freaked out I ran for the car to leave the unknown behind.

I was half way to work and a little inpatient. Could I have hit any more red lights? Could there be any more traffic than there is right now? I came up to a red light, Must have been 25 red lights at this point when I closed my eyes for a moment. I call it a stalled blink. I had seen a car accident, a bad one, where a man had flown through the windshield. I gasped for air as the devastating details came in clear.

A second later I heard the chattering in my back seat not to mention it felt like someone one was leaning between them. She will make it, I know she will... I could not wait to get to work away from all the chaos in my head.

I pulled into the parking lot stepped from my car. For reasons unknown I began to vomit. Panic had set in, I was lost. I had no idea where I was at. Frightened was an understatement. I must have looked as if I were on something when the man walked over to me and asked if I was o.k. I told him I felt lost and did not know what was going on. He put his hand on my shoulder smiled then pointed to the busy intersection. "Hurry up if you want to make it in time" he repeated. At that moment I thought I must have been asleep.

Trying to convince myself of this I painfully realized that I was in fact awake. I turned to ask the man what time it was. "8:30" he replied "Now hurry up and go before it is too late". The crying of the children became so loud that I was really going crazy. Just go he yelled just go. I looked towards the busy intersection then back towards him. He was gone. I looked all around. I have gone crazy I thought to myself. He was gone. What happens next must have been the only thing in my life until this day I just do not get.

I walked towards the intersection glancing back to see that same man covered in blood holding in head. I began to run towards him screaming for someone to call 911. As I took that first step towards him I heard this very loud screech than an even louder crash I looked towards the busy street to see a car had wrapped itself around a pole. I remember thinking to myself this is not happening.

I looked to the man covered in blood holding his head to see once again he was gone. I knew at that moment I needed to get to that car as fast as possible. I ran at a pace that I remember surprised me. As I came closer to the accident, I saw the person in the car had been ejected sending him through the windshield. I ran over to the man now spread on the road way I yelled for someone to call 911 again.

The man behind me replied "I called in the parking lot when you yelled it a few minutes ago" I bent down, dropped to my knees to help the car accident victim. As I went to check his pulse I had explained that this was a separate incident. I told him there was a man in the parking lot that had a head injury and needed medical attention right away. Just as the words came from my mouth the man who was bleeding to death in my arms dropped his head to the side.

I knew he did not have a pulse and I was going to have to perform CPR. I must have cried out in disbelief for what seemed to be an hour, although really only a few seconds. I could not believe what I was seeing. The man in the parking lot with the head injury was now below me awaiting my breath of life. The man had not even been to the mall yet. He had suffered a heart attack and was not wearing his seatbelt and hit the pole.

I tried to give him CPR and when the ambulance showed up they took over. I was so shaken up that I too could not work or drive home. I had to be picked up. As for my job at the mall I never returned. I do not know what happened to the man. My belief is that despite all efforts he did not make it.

I believe this because a few nights later I cried myself to sleep should I say that it was one of many nights I cried myself to sleep that he came to me in my dream. He wiped the tear from my eye explaining he was home before he hit the pole? Why did I have to go through this? Till this day I do not know. It shows that things happen for a reason. Looking back it made sense in the fact that things had order. It was just his time. Or maybe I did not make it in time. Who knows...?

What I am trying to understand is, why was I seeing the man in the parking lot? The same man who was in the car accident. Do you think I was able to see him after he was half way to heaven due to the heart attack? I can not help but feel as if I could have done more.

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LifeForce88 (2 stories) (24 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-15)
hi, that is a scary story, I must say it really is a freaky story, maybe because the you were close to the persons crash at the time you might have had the chance to save him, if not, it is ok, he has began a new life, take care. Bye
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-01)
Of course you could not have. If so, you would have felt it. I'm sorry you are worrying. I worry often. Well, we can't always fix people. I had my own daugher burnt and an outside voice tell me that we had to have pain to grow. I stopped at a car accident with a person not breathing or heart beating and expected the worst. I prayed. It was too easy. He was fine. Sat up. I lost my best friend that day. Just do what you feel I guess. This is not 2 plus 2. Struggle and growth is part of it. I feel stupid mostly. I'm not mostly.
Edmund (578 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-31)
kellykessler... I just wanted to say your stories/experiences are awesome to say the least. I would hazard a guess that you saw him right after his first moment of death. I think it was important to him to have a sort of psychic witness to the event and he picked you. I also think he picked you for a reason... The reason being that it would be the last lesson in life that he would be able to teach and one of your first major lessons to learn.

I really feel it happened just as it was supposed to I don't think you were supposed to save his life but to witness his death and to hear him say he was home before he crashed. A kind of introduction to the afterlife. Not to be sarcastic but I had a choice to crash and be saved I would have chosen to do so in front of a E.M.T. Or an E.R. Doctor not a common person on the street.

So that's why I believe it was a spiritual lesson for you that in a nutshell tells you that there is an afterlife. And again that is a awesome story. 😁

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