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Normally I dream about people who I haven't seen in a while (then they contact me in real life), future situations, or resolutions to things that I'm having issues with. My dreams are vivid and usually help me discover answers and give insight to issues in my waking hours.

Since March I have been having this reoccurring dream of my ex and his family. I have been broken up with him since September of 2011. I have cut him off and have nothing to do with him, but he still contacts me time to time. I recently got one of his many spirits he sends to follow people out of my house. I've been having issues with him for a long time.

Usually in the dreams, I'm talking to his family, then he makes a brief entrance and then I am left to talk to his family. Since March I've had these dreams and every time I have one. He or his family shows up in some way. As I have these dreams his parents become more flattering and my ex ages and becomes more mysterious.

The first couple I had he was a teenager hooked on drugs. In those months he texted and called me asking to be friends with him, which I declined. His family texted and called me also.

The next couple of dreams he was not as present and when he was. He was in his late twenties. Which is how old he is now. Couple days afterward he called and texted me and stated that he had found God and just wanted us to be friends. I declined. His parents showed up to where my mom worked and introduced themselves to her.

I just had another dream with him looked older and worn down, his little brother is the main character and my grandma was there. Now if I go by what the past dreams have meant. This means that he is going to show up. I think that someone from the other side has been following me since I met him and has been trying to protect me since then. I want to know why. Is something showing me these dreams because it's trying to warn me that my ex is going to show back up?

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Arroyn (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
So I have found out that it is warnings... But also that I'm reading my ex's mother's thoughts...uh...I guess thanks Goodness the real world did come in handy for once. 😜

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