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Seeing Death


I'm almost 17 and for the past few years, really weird things have been happening. It all started when my nana died 6 years ago. The day before I had a nightmare about her lying in a hospital bed with members of my family crying. I thought it was just a dream at first. Until I found out she really had died that night.

The next encounter was a month later when I saw her standing in my kitchen next to my dad but my dad had no idea she was there. Of course he thought I was having grief hallucinations.

The next one was 4 years ago when I had nightmares about my other grandma dying. I was alone in an empty funeral parlor with a closed coffin. I opened the coffin and she was inside. Again, she died the next morning.

Then it was last Halloween. I stopped at my Aunt Linda's house to say hi but when I went to hug her I got this awful nauseating feeling in my stomach and I started to get dizzy. Again another nightmare, and she died.

This is what made me feel grateful for what I have. I had a nightmare about my friend committing suicide and was able to stop her before it happened. I felt like for once I actually did something good. And what I thought was a curse actually saved one of my best friend's lives. But still my family doesn't believe me.

I have plenty more but the most recent one was yesterday. I had a nightmare that my neighbor was going to die of a heart attack. Of course, he did. But this is starting to get irritating. I've been trying techniques I learned online to strengthen my abilities by my family still thinks I'm crazy. I don't know what to do anymore. I just wish that if I had to be psychic I could be the kind that wasn't so depressing. I mean, why can't I start dreaming up lottery numbers?!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
Actually the ability to see Death comming is not
Limited to life being terminated.
This can be used to sense/see what will happen
This year: to include changes, events of babies,
Marriages, job changes. I've not found it a curse!

It is about expanding our own energy to connect to
The Askaic records of lives.

To expand you can just put out a suggestion that you
Wish to know X about so and so.
Also implimenting meditation/chanting/cleansing chakras and prayer is helpful.

I can't say that all the dreams I have had are bad.
Even when my uncles son, I dreamed about him a few times during 3 years straight. And when speaking to my daughter confirmed that he had such and such car,
With certain types of car-keys. Which did not sit well
With me. I went to school with his mother and could not bear to tell her about a terminal accident her son
Would have. So I prayed, and prayed.
Consequently he had an accident and lived.

Another personal even I had was regarding my eldest.
This instance I did not dream.
For me sensing death since an adult: is a smell of
Burning wood. Does not matter if its work or family
Always the same, and other times images in the mind, or dreams.

But I am a firm believer in intervention and prayer.

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