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My name is Ethan and I am from Australia. When I was about 8 I always had dreams about a wizard who wanted to train me to unlock my inner element so I could defeat an evil demon who would destroy the world, It sounds a little cheesy but I did have the dream. Of course this didn't happen but I remember that dream like it actually happened and followed all the steps that happened. Step 1 The wizard told me to light a candle, step 2 he told me to concentrate on the flame that was it and then the flame grew bigger than a house and I felt like I had more power than anybody else in the universe. That dream really inspired me so I decided to try it out myself, after I tried it out It took me about two minutes of tensing my body and staring at that candle then suddenly the flame grew, It didn't grow as big as a house but It definitely grew big enough to tell that I had a the power to control fire. Ever since then I was able to move a flame around on a candle and make it grow bigger and smaller, In my dream I was actually able to create fire at will but that hasn't happened yet. I've been controlling fire for 4 years now but I still can't make a flame at will, all I can do is move around a tiny flame on a candle. I practice every day after school because I'm still interested in it. If anyone has any idea how to control fire at will please comment how to I've been waiting 4 years to feel that awesome power I did in my dream.

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IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)

Have you considered that the "flame" is symbolic only--not real fire? As a power-building experience, VISUALIZING a flame (or ball of energy) and visualizing it bigger than a house (heck, bigger than the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse) is, in it's own way, the answer to all. It is seeing yourself as the powerful energy that you are.

If you could manipulate the fire, then what? What would it prove for you? What positive would you do with it?

Again, dreams (and even we) are symbolic of energy interactions we have while we sleep. The dreams are "constructed" after the fact so that we can retain some of what we experienced. Symbols are tough because they can't translate the real experience. But as physical beings, everything has to be translated into visual, auditory, feeling or taste or smell for us in order to understand to some degree.

Just an idea you might want to consider.

Isle- Lora

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