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Inducing Dreams


This is another thing I had mastered. I discovered that I could make people dream what I wanted them to. My ex was my first guinea pig for my experimentation. I never let anyone have nightmares of course. All the dreams were very harmless ones.

#1. This was the same time I had been bedridden for three months and I was rather bored. So one night I decided to see if I could make my then-boyfriend think/dream of me. I concentrated real hard. I pictured the two of us standing face to face and saying "I love you!" I made him say that he would be with me for the rest of his life. I smiled at him. That was it. The next morning I got a call at 9 a.m. It was my ex telling me about this dream. When I described the entire scenario to him he was shocked.

#2. I used to sing for a rock band. My lead guitarist (who is now my husband) and I were rather close. Not dating then but just best friends. One day we were chatting after practice and he challenged me to give him a dream. We both liked each other but I was not ready to admit it though he was quite open about his feelings. Then one night I decided to give him a dream. I set the scenario, we were in a classy hotel room, honeymoon suite, I was wearing a lovely read negligee. He enters and we fell into each other's arms. I met him the next day and I asked him if he had had any interesting dreams the previous night. He told me about this dream and described the hotel room. I then added bits here and there and he asked me how I knew and I told him I had given him the dream.

I don't do this anymore because I have stopped meditating.

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