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A Dream To Remember


This occurred when I was only 9 years of age, I was living in my second home and before this moment I had never really remembered my dreams before. One night I had a dream that was so vivid and filled with such detail I couldn't help but remember it for years to come.

I was in a home that I had never seen before, there were 3 large windows before me and I was looking out from the large window on the left, through the window I saw a very large back yard with a pool that I have come to know to be 25 yards in length. As I looked out from the window I noticed several things, one my point of view, my height was rather low it was almost as if I was kneeling, looking out the window, I saw a patio made of brick and high columns, there was a large 8 foot wall around the back yard made of stone, as I looked, there were 3 figures that I saw, 2 rather tall males towards the back coming from a side door that led to a kitchen and a female sprinting towards the end of the pool the faces were blurred and I could not make them out. There was no sound that I could hear, but when I saw the female reach the end of the pool I could almost feel the air vibrate as I could tell she screamed, she bent down and reached into the pool. She was far away and I could not see what she reached for, as she pulled a small figure emerged from the end of the pool and she pressed it to her and then. The dream ended.

I was only 9 at the time and the dream confused me and as anything that does when you're young you just try to forget it. One year later we had a knew little brother in the family and we still lived in our second home, in a month from that time we moved to a new home. That was oddly familiar, through the front door there was a large living room with 3 large windows to a view of a large pool there was a patio made of brick and large columns, and there was an 8 foot wall made of stone surrounding the back yard.

A year passed my brother was soon to be 2 and on one fateful day. I was outside playing with the dog I jumped and landed hard on my side and hurt myself I was laying in bed with ice when suddenly my mom who had gone outside for just a moment to clean the car seat that my baby brother had spilled much food over, came in and asked where our brother was. (I should mention that I am the eldest, I had a younger brother only 2 years behind me and our baby brother was soon to be 2) we didn't know we began looking for him and the search became more and more frantic until my mom ran to the kitchen door and opened it, she ran outside, my brother and I followed she sprinted towards the end of the pool. And it dawned upon me. I had seen this before, I turned to my right to look into the window nearest which would be the one on the left and for a moment I saw a glimmer but there was nothing there. I turned back to the pool and my mom screamed she bent down and pulled my baby brother from the pool. Blue. And that is the end of the experience that I will share the rest is rather saddening details. I don't know why I had this dream at such an early time perhaps if it had been sooner I might have saved my brother. Who knows. But he is no longer with us he's in heaven. It scares me to know that I had such a powerful dream and from that day I have never recalled a single dream again if I even dream at all.

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Corbesia (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-04)
That's something else. I had a dream to. I was able to save two kids because of it. What's weird is I never believed in this stuff before.

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