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Ever Since I Can Remember


I am 33 years old and ever since I can remember after my Nina's (my maternal grandmother) death I have ALWAYS had a sense she is around me. I swear as so recent I have even seen people who look exactly as she did before she died 28years ago! Now here's the thing! Whenever something is not going right or she doesn't like what is happening in my life, she makes sure I know she is here with me. Whether by just grabbing the back of my shoulders as tight as she can or just hanging on to my back in some way. Anyways, about 12 years ago or so my grandfather and his wife (whom my family absolutely hates!) had her dug up from where she had been laying peacefully for around 14 years at that time! I remember telling my mom " Nina is not liking hi! She is squeezing my shoulders really hard and I am feeling her anguish about this! It is not fun and I don't want them to dig her up!" I could feel my grandmother was feeling she was being abused again by my grandfather and was using me to get her message out to my mom. My grandfather was very abusive to my Nina when she was alive! They drank and fought all of the time! Anyways after my Nina was dug up out of her resting place, my mom sad they opened her casket and saw the dress she had been buried in but her bones and everything were completely gone. That was what my aunt and uncle did since they lived closer than we did! I tried to beg my grandfather to stop but he dd not listen to me! I told him he was making my Nina cry (I could feel her pain and anguish, tears, etc. While this was going on.) But he proceeded to dig her up. Now she is buried next t her 1st husband in a different cemetery.

Ok, That is one story and here's more:

I lived in a rundown shack guess you could call it for a short time a few years ago. One day I was laying down in bed taking a nap. It was hot so I only had the blanket pulled up to my knees. As I was lying there, the blanket moved by itself up to my waist area. It is believed there was a male ghost who lived there who loved us women but hated men! My ex was extremely abusive and some of this I can portray to my Nina too. Whenever we would fight/argue or whatever nonstop, all of a sudden objects we were not even in the room with would fly across the room they were in and smash against the wall. One time we were fighting and I saw one of my plates go across the room in front of me and smash into the wall with neither one of us touching it!

I guess after these few stories what I'm trying to ask is if I feel like someone is touching me or I am being watched, could that mean I am a sensitive? I do on occasion feel other ghostly presents too. Some good, some bad! And when I go into abandoned buildings, for instance, a lot of times I either get a good vibe or a bad vibe from the place without knowing the history of it. And I have seen other ghosts in the past too. Some I felt I had a deep connection with, some I had no idea what they wanted from me.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-29)
april1578 I feel very badly for you.
Your right your aunt is not at rest!
When people distrurbe a burial place it is a Sacrilege.

For example in England to build an underground tunnel,
They disturbed a burial area of some Catholic monks, and they still walk and are seen by workers.

The movie Rosered haunting is build on a sacred burial ground of American Indians, bad bad medicine
To mess with these areas.

Your a sensative and I would reading Eliseo "Cheo" Torres with Timothy L Sawyer Jr.
Book: Curandero
Also google praying for the dead.
I can send you a whole prayer I got from a Curandera
With instructions but too long for posting.
For your aunt.
You would have to send me an email click on useer name
If you need.

You would also need to due to some tie cutting or
Or Ancestral work.

You do know if you start this type of work you will have to continue.

Love light
Becky666 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-28)
merely be open minded and peaceful and take geo1990s advice
Geo1990 (39 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-28)
well you know you have your gift, and something is telling me that you have all the answers to your questions.

I suggest meditation, your answers will come to you.

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