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Pregnancy Boost And Drain Since Birth Of Child


I have been actively using my psychic and clairvoyant ability for the last 10 years. Over the last 5 years I have made many breakthroughs (mostly aided by giving up a stressful job I'm sure). I have a now 3 year old boy and I have a daughter aged one.

During my last pregnancy I experienced ups and down of my ability, but when I was on form, I was on fire! More ups then downs as well; the latter mostly effected by tiredness. This continued after the first couple of months after I had my daughter. Since then, I have reverted, not just back to pre-pregnancy but back to before I actively started using my abilities.

For example; walked into a building yesterday and knew spirit was there (like I used to!) but could not visualise anything at all. I see with my minds eye but had no idea of the person at all. For the last few years I would have known gender and a little detail about them such as features and maybe why they were still hanging around. When I read I am very aware there is spirit right on top of me, but either this is a random person, guide or I cannot visualise them at all (this is generally, I do get the odd one where I am spot on with everything).

My psychic ability has not been affected at all, but this was not something I ever shut down as a child, mostly because I could not!

I have a few theories:-

- Spirit knows that I have a lot on my plate and once that is cleared it will start up again. (although, I have both children in childcare 2 days a week now, so I expected this to have gotten easier as I am feeling a million times better in myself over the last couple of months)

- My daughter has been predicted to be very gifted, since even before I conceived her (not that I'll ever put any pressure on her chosen life path). I understand she will have boosted me in the pregnancy, but could I have essentially passed a lot of my gift onto her? In which case, can I ever get it back?

- I shut my ability down for most of my life through prayer (I was raised Catholic). I had a conversation about the fact that maybe I should be open most of the time with a gifted friend. Maybe living in it all the time is the way to be to really respect my gift and what I have been given it for. I am not used to this as I switch it on, due to the way I was when I was young. So maybe this will help.

- Maybe an old Catholic guilt complex, but has my gift been taken from me due to something I have done wrong. In all honesty I have racked my brain and cannot think of anything.

- Unless the spirit is highly ascended, I am easily tapping into spirit guides. Could it be that as I aim to channel angelic realms in my own time, that my vibrations are too high for some spirits to align their energies with easily and therefore unable to communicate with me? (Not wanting to sound big headed or arrogant, as I'm far from it) A friend told me that maybe I should be specialising in readings for people already on their path as I am able to give a huge amount of information on where gifts are now and where they will be heading in the future, plus picking up on guides known to them already.

- I know they say certain mediums for certain spirits. Could it be that I have had more energies than I am used to that I just don't gel with? Although it does seem unlikely that they would not want to communicate with me when I feel them in my face, so to speak.

Interestingly my healing has taken on a new life and I am tapping into unbelievably high energies, through my own Reiki development but I have been told that I do Angelic Reiki without being trained (based on the energy I use plus my techniques) and also had Rahanni celestial treatment in order to see if I should be trained in that, as it's meant to be higher energy, to find it is the energy I am currently using! I have a few theories but essentially I feel I have been able to raise vibrations naturally to tap into this through lifestyle changes etc.

I am also trying to really boost my gift and go back to basics - meditation, development circles etc.

If anyone has any similar experiences or has some ideas on how I can get back to doing what I love well again I would be grateful

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-14)
Yes it is very possible for you to have passed on your gift to your daughter, but it wouldn't mean its gone for you. My mother was a beautiful singer and then she had me. I got her talent, but she never lost it. It is like genes, If you have brown eyes and then your child does, you can't suddenly have blue eyes or something, it doesn't work.

With you being so busy lately, you don't have time to just open your mind so that your abilities can kick in. Meditation does help, but to open my mind, I write stories. The more I write, the stronger my abilities become because my stresses melt away.

Pray to God to not feel so stressed (even if you may not feel like you are, you may be) and relax to where your abilities begin to show up again. When the mind is too active, it can't use the abilities accuratley, so it doesn't use them at all.
Hope I helped
Take Care,
~River ❤

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