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Experiences With The Paranormal Since I Can Remember


I've been having experiences with the paranormal since I can remember. But when I was in high school I went to a local cemetery and I was in a part of the cemetery reserved for children, when I felt what seemed like a small child wrap their arms around my thigh. So I put my hand at my side down by my leg and I felt a cold spot and in my mind's eye I could swear I saw a little girl. Then when I went into the mausoleum I started to get a headache and got nauseated so I sat down but I didn't feel any better so I walked out of the mausoleum and I felt better almost instantly. Then a few months ago I was working as a door to door salesperson and I met a really nice woman whom invited me in her house. We preceded to go out on her back porch and we started chit chatting. She opened up to me about an experience she had when she was younger in which her spirit guide had saved her. While she was telling me this story I started to see a man in my mind's eye. So I started to describe the man I saw and she started balling because I described her grandfather to a tee. Then I don't really know how to explain it but I could tell that he wanted me to tell her something so I told her what he was wanting me to tell her and she cried even more she kept thanking me and it was such an amazing experience for me bc I love helping people. But now I'm confused how was I able to do that I don't even knoe how to open myself up. I took the psychic test and I scored low so does that mean I'm just crazy or what!?!?! Could someone please help me understand what's going on?

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max727272 (2 stories) (38 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-28)
Just because you scored low on a phychic test does not mean you aren't gifted. Every person has different abilities. It sounds like you have great potential, and are open to seeing things on the other side and communicating with them. I can relate, because I also love helping people. Right now I can see aura's and energy mostly, as well as other things. If you find your gift positive I think you should keep on trying to learn more and understand it better. What helps me alot, to focus and relax more, is meditating. Especially if your focused on one particular thing. Also if there is someone that you trust and is open to a gift like this you should try talking to them about it. My gift has caused me headaches before, and I suffered from them for a bit of a long while. Then I talked to a few good friends and they told me that I should pray to ArchAngel Michael to protect me and only let me see as much as I am able for the time being, since my eyes had to strain so bad to see all the energy. It really helped me. As long as you stay open to the spiritual world you will eventually find great strengths in your gift. It took years for mine to progress, just because it takes awhile for a human to be ready to use these abilities. Stay safe and pray for only good things to come near you. You are gifted and no phychic test can tell you what or what not you truly are. I hope this advice helped. I wish you the best:)

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