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What Is An Indigo Child? How Do I Strengthen My Ability?


I have had "weird" stuff happen to me ever since I was a kid. I also know things that I shouldn't be able to, like rules spirits have to follow. I have never been able to talk to anyone about these things except my family. I'm not even sure if I should be posting on here in the first place. I guess I'll start from the beginning. When I was a bit younger than two I saw my mother's favorite grandfather, he had just passed away about a month before. When I was about eight I saw my great-grandmother a few times. Then I had a dream in which she gave me a golden bell with a golden handle which she told me to ring if I ever needed her help. When I woke up I told my parents and apparently she gave them that bell to give to me. They had forgotten it over the years and had never told me. When my dog Taylor who I had grown up with past I saw him every evening for a week outside in the back yard. I can see them and hear their thoughts but I know they aren't there. They also don't scary me. I just become overwhelmed thinking back on it. When I was four a random lady looked into my eyes for a few minutes at a mall and told my mother that I was an indigo child and to protect my gift. This is not the only ability I have but it is the main one. (Sorry it might be a bit chopped but I thought it was a max of 1500) I have never seen anyone outside of my family except my best friend's grandfather. When I was 2 and my mom and my aunt went around to open houses I fell in love with my current house. My aunt and mom had to trick me to come outside then carry me kicking and screaming to the car. I found out the reason I may be so attached to this house is that there are no spirits here. No one has ever died here. So about the rules the spirits have to follow this is what I know:

Bad spirits are locked into a place and can't leave. It is usually a physical boundary like a house or a room. They can stay up to about six months. They worst they feel for what they have done the longer they stay to work out their feeling. They sorta just disappear.

Good spirits are free to travel where ever they please. They usually choose to watch over their loved ones to make sure they are ok and mainly stay to make sure it's ok to move on. They can stay for up to about two years. They go back and forth from whatever is on the other side to here.

Both can't effect people besides for making they feel bad or good. They can't move things or do anything to effect the physical world.

I can't think of anything else important at the moment. If anyone is like me please respond! If anyone knows how I can strengthen my ability I would love to know.:) (By the way I don't really live in Alaska. I just want to be on the safe side in case this site turns out to be a fake:\) Here's to hoping this site will be legit:D Oh yeah and if someone could explain what exactly an Indigo Child is that would be very helpful:)

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Moongirl99 (2 posts)
3 years ago (2019-03-31)
I guy a had only meet once or twice said I was a indigo child a girl that worked at the store gifted me a deck of tarot cards found a vacant house with shamans library and animal tarot deck there was in a different town in a attic and found 2 old tarot decks I am. Not sure what I think of tarot cards I a Christian in last 2 years people acting odd bad luck born with something wrong with me toxic people com Kong out of wood work insecure fear of everything over analyzing hypersensitive close friend had a bout to psychosis and try to baptize her daughter went to jail for attempted manslaughter my brother stabbed himself in the chest walking around coma for 30 days before disowned me nephew targeted me in my home my sister is acting strange my best friend closest confidant might be demon possessedboyfriend a narcissist tired help
Jiyami (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-20)
I'm an Indigo too... Based from the characteristics from this site GOOD LUCK!
Indigo_Geek (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-19)
Hi, i've just recently learned about indigo/star/crystal children, and i'm tryin to find a more advanced indigo to teach/inform me of my special traits and how to further them. I've taken the chance and done quite a decent amount of research over the past few weeks, and now i'd like a chance to get in contact with other indigos to hear their stories and learn from them.
If any reads this (no matter if its months old) and would like to know what i've learn or, if you could offer me information, I can be contacted by email at: Kyler_ky [at]
shoelace (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-28)
This might not be extremely relevant to your story, but out of curiosity, do you call people who are 'sensitive', but are prone to having bad experiences in that area, Indigo children?
alorah (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-28)
Indigo or Indigo Children refers to the large numbers of children (and some adults) that have been born in the last 20+ years or so that have high sensitivities (emotional and physical) to the environment. These kids may also have some extraordinary innate gifts in music/art, academia or even psychic abilities. Take a look at this website with blogs that explain this phenomenon more. Http:// It is connected to a FB group page that has good insights for staying connected to the high frequency part of being Indigo. Connecting with dead people all the time may eventually cause some health or mental issues.
Madara (guest)
10 years ago (2012-07-26)
Hi, I'm an indigo so I think I can give you some usefull information.
Indigo children are called after the color of their aura which is indigo.
Their characteristics are that they never feel like they fit in in any group exept with other indigos. People say they are natural leaders. The only phisycal characyeristic they have in common is their eyes that seem deep and wise to others.
Indigo children like Ashiato said are usually Clairvoyant since birth or early childhood.

Can I ask you if your great-grandmother said anything else in the dream for the bell? I know that silver bells ring by them selfes when ghosts pass around them. Maybe golden ones can summon ghosts when a humen rings it?
Ashito (2 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-26)
This site actually has a video about Indigo children, you should take a look and see if any of it sounds familiar. The most common idea of "Indigo Children" is that they have an aura that appears in a blue or "indigo" color. In general they are considered to be very sensitive, have a sort of out of the box or non-conformist way of thinking and are often Clairvoyant.

That's the textbook answer to your question at least. Very interesting, that story of yours about the bell, as well as someone randomly walking up to you and calling you an Indigo Child.

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