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I'm 24 years old now. For as long as I can remember I have been able to hear voices just before I fall asleep. Sometimes angry, sometimes crying, screaming, calm etc. I've often heard languages I cannot understand. On some occasions I hear things which I know I need to remember but as soon as I awake I forget. Most of the time there are so many voices I can barely understand them all at once.

One night I heard my name whispered in my ear. I have no idea what they want from me.

Other than the above I have had quite a few dreams which have come true and many out of body experiences. However none of these compare to what happened to me the other night.

As soon as I shut my eyes I felt my body shut down. The next thing I know I am able to see my entire room and hear everything around me. I saw something move in the corner of my room, I immediately knew there was something wrong. I tried moving but couldn't. I tried screaming at it, I could hear myself scream in my head yet no sound was coming out. It got closer to my bed. I could see its body, it crawled on all fours like an animal. Its body was large, its skin was grey. I couldn't yet see its face but could hear it making a disturbing noise. As it approached my bed an arm from above me on my right pushed me down back into my body so fast that I actually jumped out of my bed. My heart was racing as I woke up. I could still feel some sort of presence in my room and was extremely frightened. About 5 minutes later I fell back to sleep and was back where I left off. This time this thing was on its back rolling in the clothes I had left on the floor. Once again I was trying to move and scream but couldn't. However for some reason this time it was not taking notice of me. It was as if it knew there was someone else there protecting me. After a short while I somehow gathered the strength to scream. This thing just stopped and stared directly at me. Its face was extremely long. Its eyes and mouth were black and empty. It kept staring at me and I kept screaming until I woke.

Can someone please explain this to me? I've no idea why this happened to me. I have a birthmark on my arm which I've been told symbolizes something. Could this be what attracts them?

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