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I usually have very lucid dreams that I can control at times and I can choose the ending or turn of events though most times I prefer to see how it turns out.

A few nights ago I had a very real dream which made me wake up, bathed in perspiration in spite of the air con being at 17 degrees C.

In my dream I was in the old place I had resided in for 33 years. I was asleep on my bed when I saw the clown doll on the rocking chair gazing at me. I got out of bed and turned him face down and returned to sleep. I was woken up with the sound of the rocking chair and I saw the clown staring at me. I run out of the room because I was really spooked. I stay out for a while then when I return I grab the clown and open the doors of the built in cupboard. The stuff in the cupboard went up in flames that almost singed my face and hair. I saw a black figure in the corner. I drop the clown on the floor and run out. Standing at the door was my mom (who died almost eight years ago). She tells me to take my dad and go downstairs and stay downstairs. She stays to battle with the figure I had seen. I remembered I had to get something from my room and I re-enter the room against my mom's commands and the flames get bigger and hit the entrance of the room. A booming voice yells for money. My mom pushes me out of the way and I start screaming out the Apostle's Creed. We ran down together.

My boyfriend (my husband in real life) was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He wanted to go upstairs to check out what had happened but my mom and I stop him. Then we hear the same voice at the entrance of the house yelling for money. It sounded like my dead uncle asking my dad to return some money.

I could feel the house wanted me to return and be there, live there. I could feel a powerful magnetism towards the area. I woke up in a sweat. I couldn't go back to sleep for ages. I had this strong feeling that whatever was in that house is angry now.

That house has been broken down and six row houses have come up on the plot. I am really nervous for people who move in there, especially in the first row house and the last one. Those are the two worst areas.

My question is: What do you make of this dream?

(Personally, I feel whatever was in that house for 33 years wants me back there. I hadn't slept properly since I was 11. Every night I slept fearfully IF at all I slept. I would prefer to wait for the break of dawn before I went to sleep. Sometimes when I was so mentally exhausted I would take sleeping pills so I wouldn't be able to see/ hear/ feel a thing.)

P.S. - I down played the dream it was much scarier than I make it out to be. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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