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My grandpa passed away a little over 2 years ago, and I was very close to him. He was practically my father, but anyone who knew me knew I was a paws girl. My grandpa died very sudden, and no one knew he was very sick. I had a horrible time with his death, and it took me awhile to finally accept his death. The first dream I had was about 6 months ago; it really caught me off guard at first because I had never experienced being able to talk to anyone that had passed away before. My first dream I experienced my grandpa was standing beside my bed looking at me and this bright light was in the background. He looked very healthy, and he seemed very happy. He held out his hand an told me he missed me and loved me. He said I am doing okay and very happy where I am now; which I knew without a doubt he meant (heaven). I could feel his touch, and it all seemed surreal. I woke up and I was crying with tears of joy. I knew that God had to have sent this to me to comfort me, or maybe God gave me this ability, because I know of other people that have never experienced this before. Well besides my grandmother she sometimes experiences the same things as well.

My second dream I had was a bit strange, but I know it has to mean something. My entire family was there, and even my boyfriend that has never met my grandpa before. We are always doing an activity together; whether its playing putt-putt or at Disney World, but my boyfriend is having conversations with my grandpa. That is just very odd to me. All of a sudden a tornado comes and tries to hurt us, but in the end we all make it out fine. I have had this dream at least 10x back to back, and I just wonder if my grandpa is trying to send me a message? Also I just wonder why in my dreams my grandpa and boyfriend are talking, and is this weird?


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