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Am I Special Or Insane?


Coming from me this all sounds beyond crazy. I've never really put too much stock in the supernatural. However, I've always had weird experiences but always chalked them up to paranoia of some sort - so naturally I've never mentioned them to my strict, logical parents, or anyone else for that matter. I'd rather not live out the rest of my days at a mental institution.

Quite frequently random thoughts will pop into my head. They aren't anything earth shattering. Just random thoughts. For example: Last Sunday I went to go tanning. I walked in - stood in line (behind 1 other woman who wanted to use a turbo bed) and as I was thinking about which bed I wanted to use and whether or not I wanted to use the Versa Spa (which is a spray tan) it popped into my head that I couldn't use the Versa because it was broken. Which obviously I thought was nonsense. I couldn't possibly know that. Moments later when I told him I wanted to tan and then use the Versa I was promptly informed that the Versa had broken earlier that morning and the repair crew was supposed to be coming out later that day. This time I was more than a little surprised.

Like I said, my thoughts aren't ever anything life-saving but they're enough to weird me out. Today I had the courage to mention it to my mom. She got rather bug-eyed and told me to speak with my father.

When I went to do so, he sat me down and told me that this gift runs in my family. He has it, his mother has it and so did her mother. Now this coming from my logical, no-nonsense everything has a purpose and explanation father I'm more than a tad bit disoriented. Before I was hearing his theories on the universe and how God has a structured plan and now he's telling me to stop to sniff the flowers and become one with nature. To observe cats and try to learn from their behaviors. I know he isn't pulling a fast one on me either. He gave me an example before I even told him how my "visions" or thoughts work.

So now I'm just stumped. On one hand I feel so incredibly special and on the other I feel like I'm in a bad teen movie where the protagonist finds out she has some great ability and then ends up dating a werewolf or something strange.

Does anyone have any advice or at least know what my condition is called? I could use all of the assistance I can get right now.



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White-Gabrielle (3 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-03)
It sounds like you have ESP. Read into it and learn how to develop your abilities more.
It's not really a matter of being "special" or "insane". Everyone has a sixth sense. It's up to you whether you want to learn more about it and use it or give up on it.
You should also talk to your father more about it. Maybe do some of the things he says, like watching cats' behavior.

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