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Family Bloodline Or Am I Insane?


The first weird incident happened when I was about nine or ten. I was alone in my parents room watching tv while the rest of my family was outside when suddenly I saw a dark figure dash across the open door that lead to the hallway. I had a feeling of "Get out" when all of a sudden my ponytail was yanked and I was pulled all the way to almost the headboard of the bed. After I had regained my senses I calmly picked up my shoes and walked out of my house.

Another incident didn't happen until I was at least eleven almost twelve. Me, my mother, and my sister were getting ready to go out when I stepped into my hallway and looked into one of the mirrors to inspect myself (the hallway light just so have happened to burn out that morning) my mind went hazy and when I came to I was sitting on my couch on the first floor looking blankly out of the living room window. When I questioned my mother about what I was doing and she had replied that for about thirty or twenty minutes she could hear me walking around - she was in her bedroom with the door open - I asked my sister - who was in the hallway with me - and said that I kind of had a black stare and that when she asked me what was wrong I hadn't answered her in a complete sentence but rather in a humble of broke words. I then walked away from her downstairs and she said she could hear me moving around and talking for at least half an hour but thought I was on the phone so she didn't come down to check.

Nothing occurred for another two years until I began having very vivid dreams. I didn't realize they weren't dreams until they started becoming frequent. They were more like visions. These visions started coming true, when they happened in reality they were the same as the visions to an exact point.

Other then the visions in the fall of 2013 me and my good friend were joking around when laughing she said "I'm going to kill you." And then all of a sudden her neck snapped up and she gasped for breath. When she came to she looked at me kind of scared and said "I'm never threatening you again."

Also during the last year I have been seeing figures. Both black and white. During my encounters with both of them I feel two very different feelings. During my encounter with the tall black figure I can just feel that he's a man and that he's bad. I can not imagine his facial features or who he was in a past life but I can feel anger coming from him. The white figure I've have encounters with I can tell it's a little blond blue eyed little girl maybe from the fifties. She seems alone and confused and sometimes she's in a very playful mood. My younger sister also seems to hear things call my name a lot.

I don't know why these things are happening. And if we move - which we are planning to - would these things follow us?

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-28)
MrE is right abd good point bout the cross I thought bout it but but never when into depth bout it

Estrellax3 by any chance do you know which entity harmed you friend I feel dumb for saying this but do you think they where trying to possesses you because of the zoning out and not knowing what you did and you talking to someone and one more thing why do I think this but I believe the 50s girl is sinister

Thank you for posting this story
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-24)
Interesting thing about crosses.

And this is from a christian.

Why in the world would Christ want the thing that all the ignorant masses hung him on represent him?

Why is it that the cross means anything?

Sure, if you have faith in the cross, it will mean a little bit.

The problem is, it's a idol... God doesn't care about the cross, and God's faith isn't in the cross.

Yes, it's supposed to represent his burden and all that.
When it comes down to it, though, the cross it worthless.

It's your faith in God specifically that matters most, and that faith does not manifest into a cross.

Food for thought.

Now, when your family starting making plans to move, did things calm down?

Given that a spirit manifested in a gesture to "defend" you, it may be attached to you.
Did that happen at your house, or somewhere else?

Also, part of the reason "evil eyes" work would be the spirits bound to them.
They have to be made correctly.

Furthermore, demons are more than capable of appearing as white, brilliant beings.
Don't be mislead- there is no way for us, in the flesh, to know absolutely everything about spirits.

God bless, and hope things turn out well for you.
Estrellax3 (2 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-24)
I have a cross necklace. But the figures are only one small part of my experiences.
Dianthus (5 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-23)
First things first you are not insane.
These incidents I have heard happening to other people too.
Did you see the figures outside of your house? If you haven't moving might help.
I used to have a black figure that I saw at nights too. I started wearing a little blue cross as a neckless and I never take it off, especially when I am sleeping. The blue cross has helped me, I haven't seen the black figure since I put on my necklace.
If you don't wear a cross I suggest you wear the evil eye or something like that.
The evil eye protects you from evil and misfortune.
My cousin sees ghosts and she went to a medium and the medium told her to wear something blue maybe you could wear a necklace like me or a bracelet.
I would recomend that you burn some sage because of the black figure you saw.
Do you think or feel that the black figure is evil or the white figure?
Good Luck ❤

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