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A Noisy Night


I have been staying in this house since last 4 years. I always felt something is with me in this house but never paid attention towards it.

I am a very happy go lucky girl I do believe in ghosts and spirits. Rather being a grown up I am very scared to sleep alone, but one fine night I thought of sleeping alone.

It was around 12:30am when I went to bed I wasn't fast asleep cause I was talking to my boyfriend. Around 3am he told me to go to sleep. After sometime while I was trying to sleep I started feeling heavy on my chest I started feeling as if a kid was sitting on my chest and I suddenly felt as if any kid slapped me. And after that I heard a giggling.

As it was winters I thought it must be cause of cold so I covered my face and again tried sleeping. After a couple of minutes I felt as if a kid ran from my room and went outside of my room.

After sometimes I heard sounds as if someone was doing somework outside. And after a couple of minutes I got to hear a loud noise of falling of kitchen utensils the noise was loud and clear enough. I got very scared then again I felt something in my room.

I don't know what it was but that feeling didn't let me sleep, it was as if that energy or power didn't wanted me to sleep and wanted me to notice it.

After a couple of 30mins I made a lot of courage and thought of going and checking out the kitchen. As soon as I entered the kitchen everything was perfect nothing was moved from its place.

The next morning I asked my mother about the noises but she said she didn't notice any such sounds... But I am sure there was something and from that day I always have a feeling of someone being with me.

Please do comment.

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
9 years ago (2013-01-02)
There are many possibilities what you are currently experiencing.However,I one question should be answered first before we start considering those possibilities. If you won't min, could you clear up what your gut feeling or intuition tells you whenever that child spirit is up and running around? What do you feel and experience? Do you just tend to get a certain emotion whenever it's around?
I would like to know this because your answer would serve as some key to this situation. As I've said before, learning to trust our intuition is hard but once you have learned to, it is never wrong.
If you do feel as if it's just another not-so-nice entity who just wants someone's attention by being crazy and stuff,well,I advise seeking more guidance from your Spirit Guides as well as entities of protection such as Archangel Michael.Lastly,never fail to envision yourself keeping the brave face on.It's not about not feeling fear,it's about not letting fear WIN. Fear usually drive not-so-nice spirits for seeking more attention from humans like us.
Light and Love. Hope you answer my question. ❤
Godlywork (7 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-23)
You just need the Bible. I lived with someone like that also. It enjoyed knocking things in the floor when we where sleeping. It took a while before I realized they are just trying to scare me. They enjoy it. They are spirits from past times who still run around causing trouble. Get some crosses in your house. I had to put one in my yard so they know to stay away before they enter. The Bible is the only defence. Thing might get crazy before its better. As I found a way to God I had a dream that didn't end when I woke up. It was a mad spirit. At that time I was only praying. The Bible did away with them.

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