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I've said in my past posts, I have made speculation that I'm empathic. I've also told how I dream of things that haven't happened. (Sometimes, its not an everyday occurrence)

Lately, I've been having a horrible time trying to sleep. When I do fall asleep, I dream of talking to entities, for a lack of better words. They don't seem malevolent, but some definitely give off an air of... Intolerance towards me. Like they don't appreciate me walking through the dream world.

Other times, I know my body is sleeping, but my mind is awake. I can see things in my room. They sit on the edge of my bed and just watch me. I don't know how I can see them. My eyes are closed. The one that sits with me, is of female gender or at least gives off a female essence. She seems...worried, or more concerned about me. I've felt it touch me, or run it's "hand " through my hair.

Then the other presence is of male persuasion. It stands and watches or just paces back and forth and mutters to itself. No men have died in the house, by the way. I've heard it laugh, sigh, and even...growl, for a lack of better wording. It doesn't ever become aggressive towards me, bit it definitely is malevolent. It doesn't like me, and has made that known to me.

The male entity, I have seen, more as a shadow, when I've been awake, trying to fall asleep. It always passes or stands in front of the mirror in my room. Its very substantial. Almost like a black oily outline of a man. It scares me. I'm not afraid to say that.

Its there more, after I've had a bad day and I'm trying to release my negative energies before I sleep. I'm not sure if it feeds off of my energies or even what it is. My friends claim its demonic in nature but that males no sense seeing as how its never attacked me.

I'm not really sure what to make off these two beings. Does anyone have any clue?

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-31)
Hmmm...your story seems like a puzzle that you have to fit together as soon as possible. And while I can't promise you that I have exactly the pieces you are needing to find, at least I want to assist you to find it in some way.😁
Getting down to the first entity, that concerned woman who fills you with comfort, I feel as if she is your Spirit Guide. And by the way you described how you feel when you're beside her, as well as the way she regards you... No doubt in my mind that she is one of your Spirit Guides in this lifetime.However,they don't mind being tested or asked about if they really are so if you have doubts lurking in the corners of your mind about this woman, do feel free to talk to her about it or ask for a sign.
Now,the most awaited part:that,well,demonic entity or whatever you call him. I thought first off that may be one of your Spirit Guides also (believe me, it is not impossible to have demons as your SGs... To be honest, I have one who is such the opposite of me) until you mentioned feeling "scared" whenever he is around. Now THAT isn't how it's supposed to be like even if he is a demon. I mean, demons are demons but if they really ARE one of your spirit guides... Somehow they tone their demonic side DOWN (although they still show some personality problems😆).
Being someone who is psychic, your senses are more open than normal people, and that could be the reason entities might be attracted to you. And while I can't grasp what exactly is that entity, you could say for yourself what kind is it however. And if your gut feelings just tell you he's evil... Then he IS. The intuition never lies.
I must also say that if you feel that he REEEALLLY IS EVIL,don't wait around for him to even attack you. For starters, try calling on entities of protection such as Archangel Michael. You could also talk to that woman who sits beside you about it. And of course, keep us posted on how things would go,okay?
Light and Love.❤
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-30)
Well demons don't have to attack you to be demons. If its a demon it's a normal one or weak one. You're the one who interacts with it what do you think? Is if just a demon or a regular spirit? Also the woman is probably there trying to protect you and watch over you, from what you've said it doesn't sound like she's there to hurt you. Also maybe what you're seeing is a shadow person? I don't know look into it. Hope this helps. Kbye.

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