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I Know Too Much


I don't know if i'm psychic or not. It seems through my story I am.

I was always the nerdy type, never knew why I just was, and for some reason I just knew these things. I knew facts i'd never learned. Things I couldn't possible know, like correcting my teachers in advanced classes. Or immediately knowing what my friend was talking about.

Other times I could tell what people were felling, and often times hide my own emotion. It really began to creep me out when in my dreams I could see myself in the next day week or even oth, and when i'd wake up all the things in my dreams (items) were within reach of me throughout the day.

In one of these dreams, I was eight, and near nine, I still had my longer hair, and I was with my friends, my girlfriend had just broken up with me when my larger friend ran up and tripped revealing the almost carcass of a dying baby bunny. Strangely involved it happened the very next day, however it was not my girlfriend that broke up with me, but my larger friend whos girlfriend took him by the arm and threw him into the mud moments after he tried to dump her. It seems in dreams I focus upon animals in distress! And these "almost" correct dreams keep on occurring. As of right now I hear a sound to like a pp whenever I turn, and as if eyes are staring at my right now. I feel like someone is doing this to me. Please? Has anyone else experienced this? The ability to find distressed creatures in a dream then locate them in life?

I recently had a dream about a much larger creature, a beast in fact, to large for land. It was in the water, a lake of green. I was strangely remecent of the loch ness moster! Someone please help me?

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-31)
First off, let me clear up for you that the answer you are seeking,it's a "YES":you are PSYCHIC and you are now displaying psychic abilities. Deep inside I feel as if you have considered this answer already, but was never able to fully accept it. So now as a fellow poster (and budding psychic too:),I must confirm for you that these experiences you have are of psychic nature.
You also seem distraught and confused about your situation, but don't fret, my friend. Certainly you are not alone. See the previous poster who offered her help to you via email?She's willing to help you. And I am also, since I'm a fellow Empath myself.😊
Now,about the abilities you have, you seem to be displaying abilities of being Precognitive,Empathic,as well as ClairSentient. If you are seeking for more information, I would like to stress again and again that you could use Google and reference books to discover more of these terms and as well as the abilities you may have.That's because nothing beats self-education,especially when it comes to these kinds of things.
Right now I would like you to know that I will hope and pray for your spiritual growth and awakening. I also hope that as you awaken to your spiritual gifts,you'll able to live life much more... You know,stress-free!😆
Light and Love, my friend. Hoping to hear more from you. ❤
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-30)
I meant to say my email is cattd33 [at] soooooooooo yeahhhhhhhhZzzz. Oh so yeah also I know what you're sort f going through because I also have those abilities.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-30)
Okay well you're empathetic which is you feel others emotions. You can dream of the future too but since it's mainly focused on animals I'm going to guess that you're more connected to animal than to people. I don't know what you're asking here, you are psychic beause you have abilities. Is there a certain thing you need help with? If you want to talk my email is cattyd34 [at] send me a message.

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