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The Hypersensitive Medium Pt. 1


*Author's note*

I am submitting this experience at the request of my girlfriend. She is an extremely hypersensitive medium and is having me search for some info on the things she is experiencing since she is not as computer savvy as I. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated by the both of us.



My girlfriend is a hypersensitive medium.

She has had these senses since a very young age and would like to know if there can be any help for controlling it. Some senses frighten her more than others and she has trouble coping. I will give a list of her senses and afterwards a brief explanation.

Seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits & at times, dark/demonic/harmful entities. (the big thing)

Some Empathy. Mainly those she has close ties to.

Rarely astral projecting (out of body experience)

Some telepathy perhaps? Or she can sense auras? It's something of that sort. (I swear she reads people like a book. Even though she hasn't known them long or has just met them)

She has experienced remote viewing.

Visions of the past. (This is something that just started happening and she is curious about it.)

And finally; "Bleeding" the gift into others. (I'm starting to sense things myself but only if I'm close to her or just happen to be in physical contact with her at the time)

Now for the explanations.

Connie is 24 years old and since she was a small child she has seen spirits. Some were family but most are unknown and unrelated to her in any way. Some spirits are benign and just show up unexpectedly. (this mainly troubles her while driving, not a good thing when she swerves to avoid something that isn't really there.)

Some are not so "nice". These darker entities give off very negative vibes (for lack of a better term) that she can sense from a good distance and she avoids if she can help it.

Then there are the ones that are just evil. The demonic and harmful spirits. One such thing inhabits the area directly across from her home, which she tells me is hallowed ground and keeps this demon at bay. I have to take her word on this. As when I come to visit I simply cannot look at that area. Her and I have been dating for months and I cannot tell you what that area looks like! It's like I just look away without realizing until later that I've still not seen.

On a lighter note, she tells me of seeing her grandmother and her father in her house. Her father comes with mixed emotions because he was her father and she cared for him. However he was adulterous and violent towards her mother (who Connie lives with) and just an all around "not-nice-guy". Connie's mother has his ashes in a vase, next to a picture of him, on a table and under an old aquarium out by a tree in their yard. (country living. Go figure...) Connie is always happy to see her grandmother however.:)

A few days ago Connie came forward to me about seeing MY dad as well as a few other relatives.

*Quick back story* My dad died violently at my grandparent's house (where I'm living now) when I was 11 years old. My parents were divorced and due to my mother continuously doing things to drive him to depression he got drunk one night and called the police. When they arrived he walked out of a nearby wooded area with a bent up aluminum baseball bat and an old knife that was falling apart and was as dull as a butter knife. He yelled at the police telling them to shoot him or he would kill them. By the time he had stumbled close he had already dropped the would-be weapons when he charged toward them. A sheriff's deputy shot him in the chest.

I am 22 now and I thought I had worked through the emotions. That troubled me with this. But when Connie told me that when she would drop me off at home she would pick up this unknown passenger who would disappear when she left my driveway. This always startled her as the appearance was always sudden.

I asked her to describe this passenger. She described my father, who had died before I had even known she existed, in minute detail. I knew that was who she saw but to further affirm it I showed her a picture I carry in my wallet of him to her. She said that was him.

Naturally I became upset. I cried again for the first time in years. She told me he was happy and that he is watching over me. Before I met her I kept wishing I could see him again so I could know if he would approve of the person I've grown into and... Sorry. I'm going to stop that thought there.

To wrap that up, at some point soon I'm going to show Connie the camper that my dad stayed in while he was living with my grandparents. I will post on that later.

There are countless experiences with spirits she has told me of. It's not uncommon for her to see 10 or 12 within a day if conditions are right. Full moons and storms (before and during) are the most active times. I'm not even going to mention Halloween. (There is a good reason she hates that holiday.) I will post more on her spiritual encounters later.

Next is her Empathy.

She tells me that with her friends, close relatives, and myself that she can sense our emotions when she is near us. Our emotions are mirrored onto her. She feels them as if they were her own. From what I've heard and read of empathy that isn't uncommon though.

Astral Projection:

The one experience she has told me of this.

Connie's mother came home early from work. (She provides care to the elderly under the table for a company since she is not fully licensed) When the mother came in she heard Connie say "Hey mom" from the room where the mother keeps her Cockatiels.

After Connie's mother put away her stuff she went into that room to speak with Connie. But she couldn't find her. Connie had already left to go into town (she is a vendor at Walmart) and when her mother couldn't find her she called her cell phone thinking Connie was playing a joke on her. When she found out otherwise it kind of freaked her out.

Remote Viewing:

To explain this one I'm going to have to give you a look into mine and Connie's relationship. Please don't be too judgmental? It's not for everyone but it works for us.:)

Connie is a married woman. Her and her husband Jeff have a very happy marriage that has lasted more than 4 years. One that I (as her boyfriend) do NOT want to damage. Jeff knows about Connie and I and is ok with it. To me, Jeff is more like a brother than my own blood brother. We just happen to share his wife.:)

Now to the explanation. When Connie and Jeff were still dating they had split up once but they managed to keep their friendship and often kept in touch over the phone.

Jeff was living with his parents then and there was this very attractive girl who lived behind them. She was 17 years old and had a very unhealthy interest in him. The one time Jeff actually went into her house, he was sitting in her living room when Connie called him. She had this feeling that Jeff was not where he was "supposed to be". When the subject was brought up, Connie described seeing Jeff in this house. She described the living room so well that Jeff thought that she was watching him through the window. But Connie was 50 or so miles away in another town.

Visions of the Past:

**Authors note**

This experience is what lead me to this site.:)

Connie told me of one time when she came to my home and was talking with my grandmother she just happened to look into my kitchen.

Keep in mind that I live with my grandmother and great grandmother in a house that is old enough that it could be certified as a landmark in our town and both women have a little bit of a hoarding issue.

The kitchen looked new to Connie. In better condition than it is now. But in an older style. She saw a woman in the kitchen cooking.

Connie knew that the only other woman in the house besides herself and my grandmother was my great grandmother, who was taking a nap in her bedroom. When Connie looked to my grandmother to ask who the other woman was, suddenly the kitchen went back into it's normal state of disrepair and chaos and Connie just shrugged it off so as not to alarm my grandmother.

And now, the experience that has us the most worried.

"Bleeding" the gift to other people.

I had once thought I was "numb" to the paranormal. I was open to it sure, but I had almost no personal experience. I had wished I could witness these things, well, wish granted.

Before I started dating Connie I had only one paranormal experience. I had stayed at a friend's house one night, we went out for dinner, and upon our return found a small child's hand prints all over the dusty TV screen. My friend had a daughter but she was not that young so her hands were too big to have done it. Not to mention that she had gone with us to eat. There were no other children that young in that house. That was pretty much the jyst of it.

But now that I've been with Connie for a few months I'm starting to run out of fingers to count the experiences. <_<

The first time I SAW a spirit:

Connie had a thought that for me to actually experience something it would have to be an extremely strong spirit. The only thing strong enough and close by was this new grave located in a cemetery about 8 miles from her house.

But she was reluctant. It was an extremely dark spirit that she discovered when a couple of her friends convinced her to go to a cemetery with them. (Connie hates cemeteries for obvious reasons)

Regardless, she took me to this place and I've come to regret it.

It was around 10:48 pm when we parked in the cemetery. She told me that she would take me as close as she dared go to the grave but if I wanted to go further then I would have to go without her. Just being within the fence of the cemetery was taking it's toll on her.

It was completely dark on the grounds for some reason. Not one of the lights was turned on as they usually were. Luckily the three of us had pretty good night vision. Connie, Jeff and I walked in the direction of the grave until she said she had to stop. I asked Jeff to stay with her after I got the specifics of the grave I needed to go to from Connie. She needed his support.

I continued on until I thought I saw something that resembled what she had told me to look for. A large white cross.

I tried to approach what I supposed was this cross but it seemed to be slowly retreating. I walked faster.

When I was close enough I did NOT see a cross. Instead I saw a white cloaked figure. The feeling I got from it was something sickly and too horrible to be imagined. I had to turn on the flashlight that was built into my phone. The figure had my nerves shot.

When I turned the light on the figure I found that the cross I had been looking for was closer at hand than I thought. MUCH too close.

I was less than 5 feet from the large, white cross.

The white cloaked figure seemed like it had been much further away than that.

I looked around the grave, it had been cemented over, just like 3 other graves around it.

I had heard of something similar being done to graves in Louisiana since it was prone to floods. However Connie nor the cemetery was located near a lake or river. No way was there a chance there could be a flood there. So why were so many cemented graves?

It freaked me out so I ran back to Connie and Jeff and told them to get me out of there.

I will post others of my experience later. It is late so I'm going to post this and get to sleep. Goodnight everyone.:)


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DiviJo (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-10)
Hi to all,

The problem of hyper sensitive mediums is very simple, their electromagnetic field have holes in which good/bad energies can enter easily, for this there one soluation which has worked for me, it took to me two years, and it take lots of perseverance:

1- Pray the same prayer for 2 years and add to it your affirmation: Thanks to..., my electro..., is fully healed...
2- Drink lots of water
3- In times of bliss or bad vibes, be neutral
4- pray to cut ties with any energies or egregores.

As you can see, I did not address the problem but how it can be solved.

Wishing you all the best.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-04)
The way to turn it off is some work... You must believe in it I suppose, that what you experience is real, that it originates from somewhere. Once you have this belief and a STRONG sense of who you are, that all of this is not just "happening" to you, rather you have the ability to control whether it happens or not, then you can turn it on or off, tune in or out. Although sometimes I have found in times of deep relaxation or often right before bed (when tired), some things just occur and a little more difficult to stop it, which I think is just due to tiredness. She needs to practice turning it on or off... Aim to turn on in meditation or when she wishes to access, turn it off when she does not want to experience. It takes practice.

Connie needs to protect herself if she isn't already. Ie. Wear a cross or shield of somesort made of either silver or gold. Envision white light around her. The negative entities, she's got to learn to deal with this (many stories on here about this), needs to NOT fear them, and get rid of them. Also, I totally agree with other posters here, I really wouldn't mess around with this and be trying to "see" ghosts and so on, you never know what will come about.

As for the "bleeding" the effect to others... Hard to explain but I suppose if you look at it this way... Her energy is quite high (light energy, sensitivity to it all)... You can in a sense "bleed" that to others if you are in very close contact ie. A relationship such as yours girlfriend/boyfriend. I just have read about this though, never experienced it. My guess would be that your energy is likely higher or raised or your awareness has been raised to the possibility of all of this and therefore you have a sense of belief about it now too... Whereas most people just go through daily life never acknowledging that there is more to our physical bodies, our surroundings, that there are other layers of existence. You are open to it now in a way so your light energy is likely rising.

Hope that helped:)
Take care

KitXIII (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-03)
thank you EdenMarie and Anastasia. This is Connie for a change I really have a lack of internet access so I don't get to use internet much because of that sense my boyfriend has internet at his house he can access it more often anyways I thank both of you for your insite I really never knew anyone else that had abilities like my but I am glad he found me this site I just wish I had a more internet access anyways... I had a creepy dream this morning gave me a chill I didn't like it all I will write it on my thing later when I figure that out I just might have josh do it instead. I am glad to meet other people with my abilities and grateful you believe so much in me when I thought I was a hopeless cause but your right Anastasia I do have some control to know not to get myself in danger dark spirit are the worse and edenmarie I grateful to get to know you some more and I thought my crowd issue was just people phobia I do fear big crowds myself nature on the other hand I feel free and more alert almost like a animal myself lol I think that just silly thinking on my part but it would be cool. Anyways I would like to hear more for you two and anyone else that would like to give advise:) I will try to check in from time to time but josh will if I cant
Aisatsana (7 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-01)
The key to what makes those psychics seem like they can turn their abilities on and off at will is the control they have over it. They know what they want in life and what they're doing. They don't turn off their ability, but rather convey to the spirits that there are times when they don't want to be bothered.

Have Connie try talking to the spirits, tell them that whenever she's in her car, she is not to be contacted. Connie is the one who controls if she communicates with the spirits or not, she sets the ground rules.

I've set my own ground rules as well. Spirits used to always try and contact me at the worst moments; when I was trying to sleep or when I'm trying to shower. I specifically tell them that they are NOT allowed to contact me when I'm trying to sleep or when I'm in the bathroom. If they did, I would take moves to make them leave.

Connie has the power to say whether a spirit stays or goes, and she has to let the spirits know that.
EdenMarie (4 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-01)
Hi there! As per your question of being able to 'turn off' abilities at will, I think that depends on who you ask and what the particular abilities are. With much practice, I have learned to turn off SOME abilities...SOMETIMES.

Like sensing energy. Everything gives off energy. For most of my life all the way up through my early 20's I battled depression and thought I was crazy. I couldn't understand why no one else seemed to hear, smell, see, etc things that seemed soo obvious to me. Why I felt like I was suffocating everytime I was in a crowded place, or even outdoors. Or why my emotions kept changing constantly for unexplained reasons, just because others would enter a room... Sometimes even when I was alone. I can literally feel the energy of other people and things around me. It kind of feels/sounds like a vibrating hum, almost rythmic. And there's that 'ripple effect', meaning that wherever I pick it up from its stronger as I get closer to where it's coming from. And I can feel emotions with it, kind of like part of it. Now if i'm somewhere where there's a lot of people or even;in my case; a lot of trees and/or animals... It feels like i'm being crushed from all sides. Like I can't catch a breath almost, from the pressure of it surrounding me. I couldn't deal with it, and basically became a recluse for a long time. Then I found sites like this one and started learning more about it. I learned to control how that affects me basically by consciously choosing to ignore a lot of it. It's really hard still sometimes, and I get overwhelmed, anxious, etc. But most of the time, that's all I do is 'tune it out', like turning the volume on a radio down or altogether ignoring what's playing.

There are times though that things have happened to me that I have no control over. Although it's only happened to me maybe 4-5 times my entire life, I've seen what I think may have been spirits/ghosts. All but once it was just a dark shadow or mist that had a shape like a person, once it was like seeing a person in flesh and blood that was there for a few moments then all of a sudden gone. Like your girlfriend, they just show up unexpectedly.
I also sometimes go into these waking dreams, or at least that's what I call them. Doctors thought they were a form of seizure but all tests I went through came up negative for any explainable physical/medical condition. When I have these, I'm still fully aware of everything around me. But my senses are dulled, kind of like I can't fully focus on anything. Like everything I'm seeing, hearing, etc is all fuzzy sort of. But when this happens, I start 'seeing' in my head random flashes of things. People's faces, letters and/or words, random objects. I've never been able to make sense of those things I 'see'. And I still don't know exactly what it is that's happening to me when I have these dream like visions. But they always come on unexpectedly, and several times it's been while I was driving. And I'd end up almost causing an accident. When this has happened and there were other people around, they've told me I don't even blink during that time, and my body becomes rigid like a statue. Other people may disagree, but I don't see how experiences like these CAN be turned off or on at will. Since we don't even know what triggers them or why they happen.

Sorry about writing so much... Hehe I myself am still learning about most of this. But I can tell you, this site is a great place to get advice and helpful info.
KitXIII (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-28)
Hey Aisatsana 😁

Thanks for answering our story.

Mainly Connie is looking for help controlling her abilities. When she sees these spirits while driving is what bothers her the most.

Some of the tv shows she watches that features psychics, mediums and the like and how they have this great control over their ability. Like they could turn them off and on at will. She wants to know if that is actually possible or just the normal BS that comes from television.
Aisatsana (7 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-28)
Those are interesting experiences. Connie seems to have a handle on her abilities. I'm also a medium, though not as hypersensitive as she might be. I don't know if she's looking for help or something else, but I don't think I can offer anything she might not already know. I feel like she knows how to protect herself.

As for the "bleeding" effect you think she has, you shouldn't worry. She's not effecting others, everyone has the ability to see things. It just comes more naturally for some than others. The more you expose yourself to the spiritual world, the more you work your own spiritual muscle. The more you're open to experience those kind of things, the more your sixth sense will recognize that and start developing.

And just a fair warning, if you go looking for things, expect them to find you eventually. And they're not always good. Those who go looking, as opposed to those that stumble upon things by accident, tend to get the more negative side of things.

Imagine a lamb walking into a lions den, that's what people are doing when they go looking for ghosts. But good luck, and feel free to email me if you want to talk about our shared abilities. It always feels better when you can talk to someone about similar experiences. Emails on my profile.

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