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Am I Seeing The Future?


I was in the computer class room and I had finished the work that was assigned to me. Therefore, I had pulled out a sudko book I had and was finishing up a puzzle. Then the sudden feeling od deja vu hit. Then I realized I had seen this in a dream a month or so ago. What was odd was that it was this piece of paper I had ripped out of the book that had ripped edges on the left side and the bottom because in my dream I had given one puzzle to my friend to do and the thing is I was in the same sitting position writing the numbers into the blocks as I was in my dream That's when I started noticing things, when I wake up in the morning I remember my dreams and write them down, with the hope to better improve the chance of me having a lucid dream, and then there's like these 2 second parts I remember. Kind of like separate dreams and then later on it the future, with out thinking about it I get deja vu and realize I've seen it in a dream before. However, It's nothing big it's mostly things like tidbits of conversations, homework a teacher assigns, and something small mostly... So I had started looking things up and doing research as to if it is actually possible as me seeing into the future or not, then I had found this site and was hoping to get my some-what of a story on here for your opinions. S it possible for me to be able to see the future? Or is it just a coincidence?

Oh! And My aunt on the other hand can actually see into the future into her dreams, she has dreams of births, deaths, and major events in the family life. She is truly psychic. My mom on the other hand has mentioned seeing a ghost when she was younger and how she had woken up seeing her grandpa from Wyoming at the edge of her bed, and it turns out he had died over night... I have had experiences with ghosts too but is it also possible for me to see into the future as well? And is it possible to better enhance my chances of being able to see into the future?

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-28)
A great way to improve your Precognition would be to meditate.
The only way to improve psychic abilities is with the mind not the body.
Meditation helps develop psychic abilities because it puts your mind in a relaxed and receptive state.
A great way to remember precognition dreams is to have a dream journal.
If you write down your dreams, your mind will realize that remembering dreams are important and it will be easier to recall dreams.
stellarcosmos (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-27)
Precognition (knowing something before it happens) can happen through dreams or intuition. Although the scientific community does not really accept it, it happens. There have been a lot of studies about precognition... It may be worth looking into.

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