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I Wake Up With Scratches


Here is where my story begins.

It all started when me and my family was going to France for a holiday. I am still in school and it was the 6 weeks holidays. When we got their we had a tour of the Villa, all my family was saying it was lovely and stuff but for some reason I did not like it, I felt like I wasn't wanted their or anything but I chose to ignore it.

The owners then spoke and said the Villa was ruins of a old farm that used to be their ages ago.

I acted normal and carried on with my day.

Anyway, that night I went to bed, for some reason something did not seem right and I was getting worried.

The next day I woke up and when I got dressed I noticed scratch's on my abdomen. They were long and thin as if a cat had scratched me. I knew it could not be me as my nails are really short because I have a habit of biting them...

A few days past and I was still getting these weird scratches. They would just be in random places on my abdomen.

I told my sister about it and she helped me.

We went home and I finally thought it was over. I always said to my sister 'what if their is something that is doing this and we bring it home with us?' she would always say don't worry we won't so I didn't worry.

We got home and everything was fine.

But a few days later what I believed wouldn't happen happened again. The scratches appeared on my ribs. I cannot remember how they was, I just knew that they stung real bad.

I freaked out so I started sleeping in my sister's room on the floor without my parents knowing, I didn't want to tell them what happened because I knew they wouldn't believe me even though they know I can see ghosts.

Ever since we came home I have been hearing loads of footsteps, normally around me. Once I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, I shut the door behind me because the light would shine into my parents room and they was sleeping. I heard footsteps as if someone was walking up to the door then the door opened, no one was their. I went and investigated because I thought someone was tricking me but all my family was asleep (it was 3AM)

I have noticed the scratches are normally red but one time I woke up with a scratch on my leg witch had a scab on. Their was also one on my thigh which was red, the only thing was I slept with jeans on that night because I couldn't be bothered to change, so how did they get their?

Me and my friends went out and their was a cute black kitten, it meowed at us so we decided to stroke it. Normally my friend gets the cats going up to her but for some reason the cat would not leave my side. It kept sitting next to me and looking up at me dead in the eyes. It decided to jump on me and lied down on me, it kept looking at the same place next to me which was weird. After we took loads of pictures. In all the pictures the kitten is looking at this same spot, on one of the pictures their was a white line which was were the kitten was looking at, next to me. It was not their at the time.

I sometimes get burning pains on my wrists for some reason.

I would really like to know why this is happening or how I could stop it.

Is this a demon or bad ghost doing this?

All your comments would be appreciated

Thank you x

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AniokNitya (guest)
7 years ago (2013-08-19)
You have a Demon Seal. They marked you on your trip and then followed you home, the reason the cat was coming over to you is because alto of the time animals are charmed by the illusion of life energy. Some spirits would sometimes trick an animal into following them then changing form to hurt them. The scratches are just a sign to say we are here. You can get rid of these beings and the seal but you have to want it and must prevent it from coming back because if it does it will be worst. Don't belief that you could play with fire and not get burnt it happens. I will help you. My visit will not be announced but after 1 day contact me and I will teach you to prevent these things.

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