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Trying To Wake Up


I have read so many stories on this website that seem so amazing, that I feel that what I have is not nearly extraordinary. So, my parents have a friend that told me she was psychic and that I might have abilities. At first I was skeptical, but then she told me the name of the girl I liked and some other things that nobody else could really know. She said she could sense spirits and that she used to have OBE's all the time when she was younger. So after that I started to notice that I could sense some stuff that was about to happen.

Once I was at a restaurant with my friends and I realized I was looking at a girl that was sitting in the table in front of me and I guess I kind of knew she was getting a phone call and knew what phone she was about to take out and even what color it was. Another incident was when I was driving back home from taking my aunt to see my uncle, I had a really strong feeling that I was going to get pulled over and I even told my cousin about it and she just told me to go slower. A while later I got my first speeding ticket. That wasn't fun at all.

I also noticed that people open up super fast to me. I can sense what they are feeling and ease them into telling me what's wrong. I don't force them or anything and I'm not trying to be nosy but I feel like I should help. And when I was in college I didn't have many friends that opened up to me then I realized I felt weird, like depressed. And after I talked to friend in Mexico I realized that I needed somebody to vent to me to feel good. Does that sound normal to anybody?

I get random chills sometimes that feel like something walked through me as crazy as that sounds, and when that happens I have to grasp for air. I also feel like somebody is watching me when I go to my grandma's house in Mexico and I have a cousin that said she saw my great grandmother.

I've tried having an OBE and I've failed miserably but I got to the vibrating stage once. Then I stopped trying because I didn't want to be disappointed if I tried hard and failed at it again. I feel like I have something inside of me that wants to break free. Like I have much more power but I can't access it. I feel like I have a block of some kind, like I'm living my life through a dream. Is there anybody that can help with what I'm feeling or help me awaken my abilities? I would really love some help with this thank you.

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Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-31)
Hi there,
I had those "feelings" about people as well for a long time and actually thought something was wrong with me because I would carry people's emotions with me, their problems, their energy for days, weeks, months sometimes after talking. I too could sense what they needed, someone to talk to and what they needed to talk about and in a lot of cases how to solve their problems. I thought I was just overly sensitive but now I understand it all.

I did "awaken" in the last few months and I did not know anything about "awakening" so it came as quite a shock! A good one though:)

A few things I think led me to "awakening" without trying, just by chance, that you may wish to look into. First, I had detoxed my body for about a year and the awakening happened almost exactly one year after I started (if you read up about it, essentially we get a "new" body every year) I believe due to detoxing that I in a sense "purified" my body and was therefore vibrating at a much higher level. I did this due to health reasons, not because I was trying to awaken, essentially moved to a meat and dairy free menu, no processed foods, and plant based... Once I had been eating organic foods for a few months, this is when the awakening happened.

Another thing I did just prior to the awakening was I let go of a lot of negativity in my mind. I had for years struggled with dealing with other people's negativity imposed on me and I suppose how to handle it all... I would have almost physical pain if someone was angry or upset or yelling, if they were critical or gossipy or simply negative or mean to me or other people, it did not have to be aimed at me. I think I just got sick and tired of thinking about or carrying it with me and just decided to let it all go and replace any negativity I felt for them with love, unconditional love, an understanding that they are just human and maybe didn't know the effects they were having on me or others in their life. I also learned how to neutralize that negativity in other people, by simply not allowing myself to get sucked into it, by suggesting that maybe they should try to be better people, that it's not ok to be mean or gossipy, in a sense, ask them why they felt a need to be this way, undoubtedly it was always due to some wrong imposed on them and therefore negativity that they would carry with them and impose on others.

Anyway, I also realized around this time that I might have some psychic abilitities... I did some tests and sort of realized that my super sensitivity was possibly me being an empath or psychic empath. After some testing, I confirmed that I was psychic in some ways which I think I knew but was not able to accept due to fear. Then when I was meditating (really just lying down one day) I asked to meet a guide, and just like that he appeared and within a few days I had the awakening experience.

I think sometimes it doesn't happen until you are ready, REALLY ready to receive it. Once you get there you realize that you have to have a certain level of understanding and openness, maturity and responsibility about it all.

What I've realized about it all is that there is a certain "flow" to life, if you push things, they don't happen (like trying to have your OBE experience), but if you are open to it and ready to receive what the "flow" can provide to you, in whatever form that might take, then it just happens. In other words, don't push it, let it come to you.
I have other friends/family now trying to awaken as well and struggling with it, but I know it's because they have not let go of certain things, certain ways of thinking... Even though they have studied much more than I... They have a certain expectation about what the experience is... It isn't what you think it is. You have to let go of your expectations of what you think it might be and you have to be prepared in a way to live your life a little differently than before. Once you have the experience you just aren't the same person anymore, you can't be, because you know all and there is a certain responsibility that comes with it... I would say the biggest key to it all is having a very open and loving heart and being willing to receive whatever gifts may be bestowed on you.

I wish you luck and hope you get there as it sounds like you have the ability and the desire.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-01)
Many people use music.
Some have used chants, or repetitive songs that
Have a spiritual meaning.
If you are sensative to hearing things, this will
Only open you up more.
Ogb (1 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-01)
Thank you very much but the thing is I've tried meditating but my mind starts wandering off and I can't seem to stay focused. Would music help me focus?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-27)
For ideas on how to open up!
Meditation, prayer, chanting,songs.
Using positive affirmations to train your mind
When you get thoughts that weight you down.
Meditations on concepts that are of a spiritual
Nature. To keep ones mind motivated and trains
The mind to be on a higher range-by allowing positive.
Practice daily.

Learning to utilize shielding.

Identifying when you are feel low emotionally.
Identifying when you are feeling/sensing others thoughts plus pains.

Learning how to channeling any residual energy that
You may encounter when interacting with other people
Emotional problems. As this can affect you as an individual.

May I just give out an idea!
John Edwards has stated in an interview that he is
Catholic and that before he goes on stage to give
Reading he prayes the rosary.
Years ago there was a woman whom was a case study
In a lab. And she was attached to an Ecg machine.
She also prayed and went into trance.
On the same TV show they had a woman whom was Christian and she was singing christian songs and went into trance and obtained the stigmata.
Wishing you well.

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