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Comfort from the Other Side


When I was 20 1/2 years old I had lost a child to SIDS, at one point I had to force myself to visit my son on what would have been his 1st birthday, I remember sitting by his headstone (this was a designated area of the cemetery for children) just looking at the writing on it, trying not to break down.

I then heard children laughing, as I looked up I saw all over this particular part of the cemetery all kinds of children, laughing and playing, some were jumping rope, tossing a ball, doing cartwheels, and the babies I saw were sitting on blankets playing in the manner only babies can, I looked over my shoulder to see if my parents saw this, they along with their car weren't there, I looked back and the children were still there.

I wasn't scared, so I tried looking for my son, and found him, sitting on a blanket, playing with a toy, and as if he knew I was looking, he looked up an right at me, giving me this incredible smile and he squeeled happily, I knew that in someway I was being presented with a "gift" to be able to see my son again, though he wasn't alive, to feel the joy a mother has flooded back.

I still miss him and he'd be 20 this December, and since seeing my son all those years ago, I now have visions of him, and each time, he's older the last I saw him he was 16, seeing him gives me comfort and his death doesn't "hurt" as much anymore.

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lorynbaby (5 stories) (65 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-15)
aw what a sad story. But I agree with leah. It does sound like your a medium. I am too. Maybe it was just a way of your son getting in contact with you. This story is so sweet!
lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-15)
well it sounds like to me you are a medium, I am a medium as well. A cemetary is a hot spot for spirits to dwell in.
Best of Luck
❤ Leah
gladiamhere (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-31)
I am saddened by your story, I too have lost a loved one. Don't you feel a sense of contentment to know, to feel, the presence. My brother, my mentor, my idol, visits me often. Usuaully when I need him the most. The memories live on. Your baby loves you very much. Embrace every second. I do.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-30)
Teresa - I am so happy for you. I think you were given a gift too. I read your experience several times. We never expect these gifts, but that makes them even more special. My feeling, for whatever it's worth, is that you really got to see who he is and who he is becoming. Mother and child ties are strong. Good luck to you. Thanks for posting. I'll think about this several days. Just make sure you remember. I have experiences and think, I'll always cherish this. Then, later, it slips or I question it. Human nature I guess.
elvenfairone (3 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-25)
Thank you for your comments 😁 I usually can verbally talk about these events, but never wrote them down to share, its very liberating 😉
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-25)
By the way My mate loss her baby which I never knew about. One day I was sat down opposite her. Baby popped up in my head while looking at her. I got this bad emotion I felt like crying and I felt so hurt inside. I got that it was a little boy he would of been about 1 and something now. I got vision of him as if he was alive. 2 hours later she told me her baby died from a miscarriage. I was shocked but I couldn't tell her I already knew. He must of been at the side of me or another spirit telling me. I don't know but I get this kind of thing all the time.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-25)
hi I have heard stories like this before of spirit children playing in a cemetery on where there grave was. I have dreams of the spirit world and the children there still grow. There always helpful and caring. They look after one another. I'm so sorry for your loss. Its a lovely story you have and a great experience to go through now to know he is still there. I have seen spirits especially children one's it is sad but there ok there happy. I wouldn't understand all of it. I'm scared when I'm in the spirit world in my dreams but the people there you will just get used too. I remember being in the spirit world before I was born and I knew I left something behind. I've been psychic since I was a baby.
green (1 stories) (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-25)
I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss. I have children myself and can understand what you went through. What an amazing gift you received by seeing your baby boy. How awesome to be able to see him grow. It's a heart warming story.

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