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Flashes Of Scenes


I get flashes right before I go to sleep, and also while awake. These flashes are of scenes - rooms, the feel of lying down on a bed in the room, the lighting in the room, etc. And during the day, with my eyes open, there are micro-second flashes - like a pattern, a white background with toothpick like things arranged in a certain pattern. And here is the catch - I know what the arrangement is for. Like my subconscious brain ALMOST understands what it is (cuz I feel like I have seen it many times before), but right before I actually understand what it means, its gone.

This one time I had a waking vision of someone dragging me by my leg across the floor. Nothing negative about it, I just saw it.

Again, I remember my dreams too vividly. I don't remember what they were about, but I remember the scenes, the screenshots, and the feel I had in that particular screenshot in the dream. For example, if I am feeling let down because of situation type A, I will have the flash of myself standing by this swimming pool in this one dream where I had that feeling (I remember the other details of the dream, but my mind chose to flash me that particular scene). I think these flashes are triggered by how I'm feeling, sense, smell, state of mind, etc.

I know a part of it can be called hypnagogic hallucination, but what of the part when I'm not sleeping, and visions or patterns just jump me out of the blue?

I feel like this is a cross between a deja vu and an alternate reality that is happening around me. I don't think I completely comprehend what this means. I'd like some help on this.

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clivingston90 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-04)
The same thing happens to me a lot, as well. I call them "dream memories". They are almost like memories from a dream, or another life, or an alternate reality. I can't even find words for it. Sometimes, they are so unlikely to happen on this earth that it seems impossible for them to be anything but a dream... But I remember them so clearly-the pieces anyway, that it feels impossible for them to be dreams. Does that make sense? They feel more like memories.

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