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One thing I must say first this is not a evil spirit of any kind. Okay now that I have said that let's move on. Am being followed by what I haven't a clue but I know it's been following me around for a while now. It is kind of like some kind of spirit but I doesn't or won't feed off any nature my house including me. I've also only caught glimpses of it namely it looks like it's wearing a mask, And yes it does affect my physic abilities sometimes increasing other times it'll damper them much to my annoyance but am I to do I can't make it leave. Now I have seen its eyes through the mask once they had a kind of warm kind glow to them. Also it has touched me not physical but mentally and it stirs up a since of nostalgia often with blurred memory's often of two people but the moments never last long making it impossible to tell out anymore details much to my confusion I mean if this are it memory's wouldn't want to make them were I could tell who the people are. It also will on accession make I sound like a shuffling of feet as it moves. It tends to also stay a good distance of about a foot radius around me at anytime. With these fleeting memories that I guess are its refusal to speak and my lack of knowledge am vary much infuriated and infatuated with what this thing could possible be however these answers hide from me. So yes am asking for help does anyone have any clue at all about what this thing could be I would love for some help so thank you for reading this and any advice you do give.

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aronk (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-05)
My flip flopping attitude is because of my lack of knowledge about it if what you said in the case is true then that should clear up my indignation thanks for the help AnneV
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-04)
I think you are correct in that it is not a negative being. Like the billions of humans on earth, some spirits (we too are spirits but with physical shells, for now that is) are good and some are not. This spirit does not behave like a guide though because guides are less participatory and don't cause annoyance. They are generally at a higher vibrational level and don't fleet around in peripheral vision.

As an outsider, it's hard to peg what might be in your company. Based on the information you are giving I would speculate that it's a spirit that you have had a past life with (but they have not reincarnated as you have). Not all spirits from our soul group (a group of spirits that tend to share many life times with us) reincarnate at the same time. If it's a particularly close one, they may hover around in this one (life), longing for our companionship.

You seem to have a flip flop attitude towards this thing. As you said, it causes you infuriating feelings yet infatuation. That probably causes it confusion too which is why it's being less direct. Why not make up your mind how you feel about it and just project that? If you truly don't want it around, ask it to kindly leave. If you want to have a mature relationship with it, drop the indignation part of your attitude and ask that it show more of itself. It obviously has enough of a tie with you to seek you out in the first place. Personally, I would opt for option two because I think there is potential for growth here but each to his own.

Best to you and thanks so much for sharing your story.

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