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Lately I've been getting slightly strange electric type feelings racing through my whilst I've been at home. From a previous story I submitted approximately 12 months ago; I know I have some kind of connection to a spirit world as whilst at the beach I was hearing my name being called and the temperature seemed to drop dramatically which others seemed to pick up on and mention after I had left.

As of recent, usually during the early hours of the morning and even up to midday I haven't been feeling right. Most nights I seem to develop a headache type feeling yet its nothing that medication or even sleeping off will fix. I'll walk into a room and my mind seems to go blank with colors racing through it until it lands on one which makes me either uncomfortable or feel slightly relaxed. If the blinds are shut and I feel like someone or something is watching me through them from outside and I walk over,;just before I open them up to check my dogs always without fail start barking. When this happens, I usually feel restless and feel the need to shut my eyes and rest before becoming completely drained. Whilst in the past my intuition has explained a lot for me; lately the things that have been happening I can't decipher. Any help would be wonderful.

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Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-26)
When we are in tuned with the spirit world, spirits know us by name. Some will tend to call us by that name.

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