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The Ghost Watcher Empath?


My name is Melissa.

So my friend and I love to research about sixth senses and stuff. She is an empathy and already proved it to me on other occasions. She told me that she gets the feeling from me that I can see what most people can't, like ghosts and stuff. She called me "the ghost watcher." But it confused me a little bit because of course everybody has their ghost stories but none of mine have ever been different.

Also, my neighbor and this other girl always hangout. They always talk about how they can feel the empath in each other, but never have felt that way about me.

So as I kept hanging out with this girl I noticed that I started to be able to feel when she was sad, and then when others got sad. I could always feel the sadness in people, never any other emotion.

Accept my mom. My mother is bipolar, and when she walks into a room its overwhelming stress and anger I always feel. I don't like being too close to my mom or even being in the same room with her sometimes. It just frustrates me and she doesn't seem to understand why.

Then one day my neighbor moved away, and I stopped practicing, for I am so confused.

I really just want to know what my sixth sense is. I feel I can possibly be an empath for I am one of the most emotional people ever, but I have been told so many other things.

I feel like since this neighbor has moved away, my mind is blocked or something. It's really hard because I want to practice and get better but I can't make sense of my own feelings nonetheless others around me. I feel like I can't focus. Please help.:)

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WildRoseFlow_r (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-13)
For some reason I don't like it when people think that feeling the feelings of others is a psychic or special and not normal ordeal. It is quite normal and quite responsible to feel others. This helps the self not overstep boundaries and know how to communicate with them. However, noticing how impersonal the world is today, it may be legally claused that knowing how others feel be pushed away so that life may continue at the speed that it is going now.

It is good to feel, but it is also good to be strong. To better honor others know who you are so that you can be strong when different types of people enter your life. Bi-polar and all mental disorders I believe are related to spirituality and psychism. Try not to be so hard on your mother. As one is tested at one thing, another may be tested at another thing. As we are all tested let us all be one in our common pain, and common striving to know the truth through our own personal way.
dryadlady (2 stories) (22 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-12)
Hi well for my two pennies worth, I understand about your Mom, and I think yu will in time understand why yu have this gift, its in order to help her.
My two daughters helped me.
I'm not termed as anything, as I refuse to let doctors diagnose my condition, I could be Bio Polar, I do suffer depression, and have inheritied this from my father, who was also a sensitive, but I know when we sensitives start using our gifts, it can sometimes unbalance our mind.
I would look again at your mum, and start at home and try to help her.
My daughters were a great help to me, whilst they lived with me, and I know I wasn't able to help them all the time, but I made sure we talked about things, and the things your mum is going thru, needs a listening ear... And it could be yours...
Your gift has been given to yu, for a purpose, and also it could be inherited, blood line, or gifted from ancestors to yu for this sole purpose...
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-10)
Hello Melissa,
Based on what I have read above I can give you the following recommondations/advice.
Everyone can be a empath. The main thing that you must have to be a good empath is to be able to listen silently when you are near someone. You have said it yourself "I can't make sense of my own feelings nonetheless others around me. I feel like I can't focus." This tells me that you cannot at this time listen to others silently because too many things are on your mind at this time. So, you need to 1. Learn to meditate & do this everyday. 2. Talk to someone who can help you better understand your empath feelings about your moms feelings about stress & anger. 3. After you learn to meditate (learn about yourself), understand emotions of others (understanding others feelings & how they apply to you), than you will be ready to help others. You will then be ready to take in empath feelings, interprete them and assist the person by helping them deal with their emotions if they are open to the idea. If they are not that's ok too. You will be better able to understand what others are going through and be able to talk to them about it by being a empath. Maybe you can be a counselor with this ability. But, the main thing is not to get stuck on one emotion. Doing that takes a lot of energy from you.
Hope this helps.

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