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I'm 19 and also an empath, lately my abilities have increased dramatically, I have always astral projected a lot unintentionally especially at the moment. I like to meditate and clear my chakras because I tend to unintentionally pick up other's baggage, everyone knows me as the person to talk to in a emotional upset because I'm so good at giving advice.

I have been experimenting a lot trying to astral project intentionally and may have caused unwanted attention energetically. Recently I've been waking up at night in a cold sweat and feeling scared. I've had feelings of something pressing down on my chest and other places on my body, just senses of spirits watching me from my door way and feelings of beings stood over me. Also one night I swear something got into bed with me but not sure on that one. I've had experiences such as this my whole life but lately they've been more frequent, I've never been able to sleep that well because sometimes I have strange walking nightmares which creep me out.

I'm sure when I was younger I was contacted by the great grandmother or (spirit guide) who was also empathic, giving me help to block out negative feelings and emotions empaths tend to pick up. Lately it seems that these barriers are failing or my empathic skills are developing in a way that I'm finding hard to control, even the slightest confrontation with anyone or walking into a crowded room, leaves me feeling drained. Someone please help never felt so overwhelmed by negativity in my life.

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PeaceOfMind (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-25)
Exercises...veges...h2o...Deep breath in and slow breath out... And smile for like 5 min... Take care:)
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-03)
Hi Magician. I said, "avoid crowds" then put in a comma (,) and then said "always make quiet time for yourself". It's impossible to always avoid crowds, unless we live the life of a hermit out in the woods but that's not really realistic! You're young so you're going to find yourself amongst crowds (concerts, colleges, sporting events, etc.) more than say, someone like me who is much older and lives a life close to that hermit I just described;-) Just be mindful of it is all. So if you find yourself in a crowd and subsequently feeling drained, do the second thing I said which is to spent some alone time doing what you enjoy.

I think it's great you're going to increase your knowledge. What you do and know so early in life, will make you a true asset to humanity sooner than you realize. Good work.
TheMagician (2 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-03)
Thanks Anne extremely helpful has really put my mind at ease 😁. I've only recently found out that I'm an empath and what you said made me feel more at peace with my gift. I will read more into the subject because it really interests me and will probably help me enhance my gift. When you mean always avoid crowds do you mean always or if I can, because I tend to be around crowds a lot of the time atm.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-03)
You are living the classical example of enduring both the positive and negative aspects of having psychic gifts. We all want the good and detest the bad (of course as that's only sane), however, as you and most everyone else finds out, life isn't just about the good. We don't develop that way, or if we do, it's much slower. As I like to say, if we were to write with white chalk on a white chalk board, we'd not see the writing. The negative can serve as a lesson or a pointer on where we need to go. We endure physical discomfort in the same way "Stop doing this because it's causing you physical pain."" No pain, no message.

The positive of your reality is helping people. The go to gal for good advice. That's great! The negative aspect of this ability is being able to sense negative beings in the etheric/pre projection states and being drained when in negative environments or situations. As an empath, you'll always have to be mindful of this. Stay away from people who are drama generators. Avoid crowds, always--and I mean alway--make quiet time for yourself whether it's a nice bath, reading time, alone time, nature and so on.

When you or any of us are consciously projecting, we can perceive into the next dimension. When you first leave your body and are in the vicinity of your shell, you are at the lowest point vibrationally. You need to get away from your room as soon as you are lucid. Always have a destination in mind. As soon as you exit the area, you'll naturally raise to a level where those beings can't go because they are vibrating too coarsely. You are very ready to start educating yourself on this topic. You can read my other website ( but also, get some books on the subject (you can get most of these free at any library). Books written by Robert Monroe and William Buhlman are some of my personal favorites.

When we are in our physical shell, we cannot (generally) perceive beings in the next dimension. But remember, we are all "beings" in this dimension. We just vibrate at a different frequency. We think we're alone when we shut our doors but that's only an illusion. I don't think you''re attracting anything negative per se, only upping your frequency to the next level which just happens to include lower level beings. Where do you think we all go when we die? Billions upon billions of souls are out there on different levels of dimensions (doesn't matter if we call this heaven, hell or in between, these dimensions are there). In less than one hundred years, all seven billion souls on this planet will join those legions of souls. Of course we're going to run into all kinds of them. If you can, try and be positive yourself. Yes, you will meet more of them because that's inescapable on the path that you're taking but like attracts like, so the less fearful we are and the more positive we are, the better the results.

Hope this helps.

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