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Hearing Different Voices


I have always had strange things happen to me like most people on this site. This is also my first post as I am hoping to get some sort of answer to what has been happening lately.

Some times, I hear voices. I've battled depression for several years and when I'd go see therapists, they'd blame it on chemical imbalances. I highly doubt it. I'd heard them coming home from school in highschool. I'm 19 now and in college. It would sound as if a tv was on in one of the rooms in the house. I would check each and every one, and no tv was on when I checked. I always remember that a woman's voice would over talk the rest of the voices, but I could never understand what they were saying. I haven't heard them since. I've been on different types of antidepressants but recently cut them off cold turkey. I've always wondered if the medication caused me to stop hearing those voices.

Now recently, I hear voices inside my head. Not in a crazy sort of way, more of warning type thing or information is being told to me without prior knowledge if that makes sense. Like people will say something and I'll randomly cut them off, as a word, phrase, or sentence just flys out of my mouth which I never could have known, with the information they were about to say. It's like knowledge from an unkown source sometimes whispers things in my head and It'll come out of my mouth.

Another example would be during my freshman year of college I was down stairs cleaning by myself and I was standing at a sink staring off at the ceiling. A few minutes later a small sexless voice whispered 'A spider is about to crawl out below you' absentmindedly, I had asked where. 'Under the sink.' And as soon as I looked down towards the sink, a huge black spider came crawling out. Mind you, I'm terrified of them. All I'd like to know is, am I some kind of psychic? Many a things have happened to me other than those occurences, but these are the ones I am more concerned about. I'd really appreciate the help.

Thank you.

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ac (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-25)
To emotive -
While what you are proposing about mental illness can in some cases be correct, I disagree with what you are saying here.

As a working psychic and medium I have had the same experiences the poster speaks of and am definitely not crazy, nor is she in this case.

To Chrishelle -
My advice is to start doing some reading on abilities, protection, and space clearing. When you are comfortable, or if you feel you need additional direction you should seek out a spiritual mentor either locally or online. In addition, should you feel the need, there are many licensed therapists that work spiritually as well.

On another note, medication can absolutely affect you in such a way you are not receptive to spiritual and intuitive things.
ahligamma (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-05)
Trying Burning Olive leaves daily in the house if not frankincense.

Try to keep ritually clean as much as you can. UIf you happen to pass gas or goto the bathroom wash face hands to the elbow face and below the ankle and foot after each time. This forms a kinf of barrier between these things so they can't harm you in anyway.
emotive (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-04)
Hi Chrishelle, I have studied a lot about schizophrenia and I do not expect you to believe me but please if you could just for once, try and think on these lines as well.
A schizophrenic usually happens to stare at the ceiling for hours together, and hears voices or sees people around. And you're definitely not to be blamed. For you, those voices are as real as'real' could be. Would you like to think of this as a possibility. If so, it might help you. But I know whatever you're going through, is a very difficult phase. Please help yourself before those voices criticize you or inculcate a fear in you which is limitless and might provoke you to cause harm to yourself. Your well-wisher!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-12-03)
Our physical shell is a filter to this physical reality. Some of us, and it sounds like you, can have a "thinner" veil or filter to frequencies normally outside of our average perceptions. This is how any medium or psychic picks up information. Your channel just has a broader bandwidth. Different filters account for different abilities. Some can see into other dimensions, some can hear, some can pick up an object and read that, and so on. This isn't magic, it's just how our spirits work while we're in this physical shell. And when we pass on (or for some, when they astral project, remote view or 'read'), this filter is lifted all together.

Sure, drugs can either enhance or inhibit our filter. Pretty much why some people try various kinds to attain their goal. Some hate this gift, some love this gift.

Hope this helps.

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