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Next Step?


A little bit of background on me. I'm new to this site, first time posting. I'm a good person always liked to help out people. When I was little I remember riding in the car with my family and telling her that aliens are following us. I found out not too long ago I was not crazy or a schizophrenic sorry bout my grammer but I have had lots of dreams I sometimes hear voices/thoughts but I kind of question sometimes for my own safety/time consuming if I should trust them or how could I know which ones are real and which ones are just my imagination? Also I have been told by a Medium/psychic (my uncle) that I'am going to know a lot of things and help a lot of people, he said that a lot of unanswered questions I'm going to find in the bible. He said he is going to get a bible for me soon but I know he's got some plan so i'm not to worried about that, but for now what could be my next step?) I have a feeling that little thing that tend to stick with you when you are young have a meaning later on in life. For example when I was (young around middle school or elementary) I was visiting one of my uncles in a juvenile detention center ("Youth Village" Sealy Tx.) while we were waiting in line Some African-American guy was visiting someone (keep in mind this is the type of place where you could be able to bring supplies for who ever you were visiting shampoo,drawings,bodywash,etc.) So the African American guy was trying to bring in this picture of an angel holding cigarettes but they try to blend the cigarettes with a box of crayons. In The end I couldn't remember if he got it in or not. So years pass by and I'am 19 at the time working for as an electrician at a shop. So I was doing inventory I guess organizing the shop I was the only one there for a while. So one day I'am working organizing stuff and the song (I didn't know the name at the time) "I'll Wait" - Van Hallen was playing. My boss walks in the shop and starts gathering material for a job the following conversation took place


ME: (you know that moment you don't know what or how to reply to something but you just kind of make something up?) "WHO?"

BOSS:"V.H. B****!" (in a playful way cause we're cool like that, but the thing is that I felt that he was trying to tell/or show me something)

So anyway days pass, and i'am in my room doing what I do and (I can't remember if I had the radio on or something told me to turn on the radio) but the song was playing and I got to catch some of the lyrics from it, looked it up on google and got the name. I was going to look it up "Audio Cloud", but something told me to go to youtube so I did anyways, what was weird is that the album cover of the song was an angel holding cigarettes. Could this be a Coincidence or my imagination? This is just a small fraction of weird/coincidence of things that happen to me if anybody can relate or help me in any kind of way please don't hesitate. Thank You for reading sorry it's kind of long but thank you once again.

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