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Empath Seeing Auras, Entities And Blue Lights. What's Next?


I've been reading on this site for several months and wanted to start sharing some of my experiences. I am looking forward to any feedback on how to manage / fine tune these abilities for the greater good. Thanks for your feedback.

Lucid Dreaming: I've been a lucid dreamer since age 5 or 6 which is the furthest back I can remember having dreams where I was awake in the dream. I did not realize the power I had in my dreams until I got into my early thirties and started working on controlling my dreams which I have become good at. I'm sure I've had hundreds of lucid dreams to include the crazy sounds that occur when you are entering or exiting the dream. One night I heard a sonic boom so loud I woke up and ran outside looking for the source of the explosion! It was around 2am in the morning and the outside was just as quiet as could be and I surely felt foolish. Typically I hear the clapping/snapping sounds at the beginning or the end of the dream. My most memorable lucid dream was one where I woke up in the dream to myself flying around the outside of the Earth with a group of beings. I could not see them but I knew that I had been flying with them upon my waking within the dream. Once I realized I was awake in the dream, I started to lose my ability to fly and started to rapidly descend towards the Earth. In my mind I was trying to remember how to fly so I could get back with the group who had since stopped to wait for me but it was not working and I was falling back to Earth faster and faster. The group told me that the effort should not come from my mind, but rather my heart. Once I took that in I stopped falling and slowly started to float back up to the group. Once I reached their level, we started flying together again very slowly so I could keep up. The group did not "tell" me anything with words, but their instructions just appeared in my mind if that makes any sense.

Buzzing sounds: I am 37 and started noticing other abilities becoming active in my early thirties. I've been dealing with these buzzing sounds that started in my right ear but moved to my left and alternate between the two. There were a few instances where it sounded like a voice was trying to break through a bad radio channel. After reading on this forum and other places I started praying/meditating, "I can only hear those voices from The Father". I'll repeat this over and over until the buzzing sounds stops. Up until about a month ago the buzzing was happening several times a week but after I started the prayers, it has virtually disappeared. Fast forward a month and the buzzing sounds are back but immediately stop after my prayer. I wish I knew why these buzzing sounds are occurring but I don't want to know if the information is not something my Creator wants me to entertain.

Seeing Entities: My mother saw spirits from the age of 6 to about 14 as a child that frightened her beyond belief. To this day she is VERY resistant about talking about it and for whatever reason, she is one of the few people I cannot see an aura around. The story was that her father bought a cheap house where a woman had been murdered and my mother described seeing the ghost of the murdered woman floating up and down the stairs at first. This woman was peaceful. Later, the woman disappeared and an evil man took her place. She described the man from childhood as the epitome of evil. She says he used to come to her room every night and spend hours terrifying her. She has continued to see entities in the different homes we've lived in (here and in Germany) but nothing like what she endured during childhood. I always prayed that I did not inherit her abilities.

This year I saw what I believe to be my first entity for lack of better term. I was sitting in bed with my husband one night and I looked up to see this white wavy light that was about 2 ft L x 2 ft W hovering in midair right next to my side of the bed. It was not round but more of a curvy, wavering parallelogram shape. It freaked me out to see this thing just appear and disappear in midair but I didn't feel fearful inside when it appeared to me. This has not happened again. What was it?

Auras: I've been able to see auras since childhood but I originally thought nothing of it. When I was younger I would play with my eyes and start seeing colors around different people and thought, "hmmmm, that's interesting"...but my childhood was traumatic and abusive so I never was able to focus on much besides the chaos of my family. Fast forward 30 years and I can see all kinds of auras. I am not seeing the entire aura according to my studies, just one layer around the person. My aura is yellow, my husband's is primarily green but I've seen yellowish green and I've seen bluish clouds around his head and upper torso when he is thinking. When I watch people give speeches at my job, I notice mostly blue clouds around their heads...I've also come across people with aqua or blue green auras. There is one co-worker I run into at the ladies room often. She also has a yellow aura. During one discussion, as I listened to her speaking, I noticed her yellow aura growing and reaching toward me! I kept asking her questions to keep her talking just so I could see what her aura would do. It became larger than any other aura I've seen and it was as if it was reaching to blend with my aura. It was wild stuff and very pretty. The other day I met an NFL player in person and was within a couple feet of him as he gave a speech to this children's group I work with. His aura was yellow and I was astounded that I could see his after having never met him before that day. I just wish I understood what it means. I also really need to understand why I can't see my own mother's aura! I am thinking she must keep her aura very tight to her body. Maybe it is easier for me to see people with a common aura color?

Empath: I'm not sure if I can remember when this started or if this has been with me since the beginning. As a child I was always told that I possessed the understanding and comprehension of an adult but it wasn't until I came across this term that I realized I may have empathetic abilities/qualities as well. I've always been in tune with the emotions of others and once I started analyzing this quality, I realized that in certain instances, I had allowed people with negative energy to drain my own. I've had too many conversations with people where they leave feeling better than when we began and I leave depressed beyond words for no apparent reason. After researching the issue, I started keeping a protective bubble around myself so that I can relate to people without having them drain my energy. I am an introvert that can put on the social face when needed, but I typically stay to myself to avoid dealing with people and their energy issues.

Just this year, I've started to have some physical symptoms that seem to go along with the empathy. There was one morning where I had this subtle sick and nervous feeling for no apparent reason. My skin started itching out of the blue and whenever that happens it is an indication that I am stressed. The odd thing is this itchy skin has started to occur before something stressful is going to happen. For example, the incident that really woke me up to this occurred earlier this year when preparing for a monthly meeting. We had already been told the CFO would not be able to attend but all morning I had this sick nervous feeling out of the blue for no apparent reason. After a few hours of pondering what this could be, I decided that the CFO must be planning on attending the meeting after all. Well, don't you know that a few minutes after the leader of the meeting once again confirmed the CFO would not be in attendance, Mr. CFO walks through the door and during this meeting he brought the pain. Thankfully, I had already settled in my mind that he would attend and I was ready for his questioning. After the meeting, the sick feeling and itchiness went away. A month later I had another strange situation where a thought came through my mind that I would get into an argument with my brother-in-law. I couldn't understand why I would think something like this because the two of us do not live together or have much interaction or disagreement. That very Saturday the fight occurred. It was almost as if I felt like something was preparing me for an event I could not stop. I was SO disappointed in myself that I got an insight into something bad happening but could not prevent it from transpiring! Why would I be given an insight into something like this but not the ability to change a future event? A similar situation happened years ago. I was walking back to work from lunch and right before I walked into the lobby of the building I got the insight that I would fall down. Moments later I fell flat on my rump right in the middle of the floor in front of the elevator bank. MY CFO at that job walked out of the elevator at the moment I fell and helped me up. As he was helping me, I felt like I was in another reality watching him help me up and being in total shock in my mind that I had just seen this event mentally but again, had no power to avoid the fall.

Blue Light: A few weeks ago when I was just shutting my eyes to go to sleep, I saw this dancing blue light. This beautiful royal blue light was dancing all over the place behind my eyes. I was very tired but when this light came behind my eyes I could not ignore it. It was like it had a life of its own and it was dancing all around behind my eyes. I tried to follow it but I could not anticipate where it was going and it started to freak me out so I opened my eyes, rubbed them a bit thinking I must have been watching too much TV or computer screen. When I closed them the blue light was right there dancing about. At this point I started getting scared and it went away. What in the world was that?

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lola2013 (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-31)
Hi Anne,

Thanks for taking the time to comment and for all of your wonderful suggestions. Do you understand why we astral project to begin with? As in the example I provided, in my dream I was flying with these other beings who were helping me. Do you understand who these beings could be or how I could figure out who they are? As for the blue light, yes it was closer to deep purple (it was a shade that I have always called blue but other people have always told me was purple). I think I forgot to mention that it seems as if I can feel what other people are thinking. I guess this goes along with the empathy but I wish there was a way to confirm my suspicion without freaking other people out. The only way I am able to confirm is by asking an indirect question and working the "feeling" that came into my mind into our discussion to confirm whether they have recently felt that way. I am typically correct and the person is astounded that I am able to understand how they feel but I never give away the fact that the only reason I understood was because it just came into my mind when I am in their presence/look into their eyes/listen to them speak. Does this sound normal to you Anne?

Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-26)
Regarding seeing auras... The easiest aura colours to visualize are blue and yellow which it sounds like most of what you are seeing. So I wouldn't be alarmed that you can not visualize your mother's aura, she may have a different colour (different vibration) than you are able to visualize.
There is also the possibility that she has a crystal or clear aura, which would make sense considering she can see entities:) I have only met one clear aura person and it freaked me out that I couldn't see what this man's aura was, but when I sense it closer it is like water almost (it reminds me of the thing that comes out of the water in the movie the Abyss) and he has a silver line above his head, I realized he's quite talented and spiritual in the way he lives his life, I probed for answers about this with him (as I did not know him well) and it was true, he has seen ghosts all of life and is a very spiritual and creative person in the way he lives his life.

If you want to heighten your awareness of auras, try "feeling" them, feel the vibe of someone and then allow a colour to come into your mind and visualize it in your mind, not your eyes.

Very interesting read, I enjoyed your story:)
Good luck! ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-08-19)

All those popping, booms and other strange noises are associated with the detaching and sometimes reattaching of your astral form. It can sound like static, a gun shot, a boom, horrendous buzzing and so on. I wrote about this on my sister site ( Your dreams are not in your brain pan. You just bring the memory back to your brain pan when you return. We all do. Too many dreams can be validated by facts we find out, seeing the future, communicating with someone and double checking, etc.

Your mother doesn't want to talk of such things because it is scary. If you start to talk about it, you may very well manifest the very thing you don't want to see or hear. If you put up walls and reject it, you'll deaden your senses. But this is all very well but when we pass on, we won't have the same ability to put up those walls. Those "beings and ghosts" are the exact thing we are when we pass on (they are that too right now but we have a physical shell for now). Fear is the number one obstacle to spiritual progress. You're in your thirties and have experienced what comes natural to you but that's entirely different than taking it to the next level through working with your chakras, cleaning up your aura and energy body (we all could use some purification in that regard if we've lived at all), working with crystals, sounds, vegan lifestyle, minimum if any alcohol, etc. You've done great though learning how to control your astral travels (lucid dreams) and staying very open minded.

Everything, including you, is vibration. Those entities are all around us regardless if we see them or not. But if we have a high enough frequency, we can peer into their dimension. Natural mediums are born with this frequency but the rest of us can certainly work on raising our vibrations to do the same thing, if we are so inclined.

If you want to take your aura reading and energy insight into a whole other level, consider reading a very excellent book by Barbara Brennon called Hands of Healing Light. You can probably get it for free at a library. She's a doctor and has superb insight and 'how to's' on how to become very good at this kind of work and perception (regardless if you want to be a healer or not). Another author you might like pertaining to AP (astral projection) is Robert Monroe. William Buhlman is great too.

Sounds to me you're right on track. You're learning how to protect yourself from energy draining people, increasing lucidity, managing fear and staying open to all of this.

As for the blue light (was it closer to deep purple like an amethyst?) it may have been the color of your third eye chakra, which is that color. You don't need your eyes open to see your own aura because that exists at a frequency that doesn't need the eyes open but of course, you can see it too with your eyes open.

You sound like a very sensitive, evolved woman. There are plenty of resources online and in books to help take you to the next level, should you desire.

Thanks so much for sharing your very interesting life!

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