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Next Level Of Sleeping


First of all, I should say that when my experience happened I was 23 years old and had a very stressful and emotional day. I'm interested in all spiritual things like meditation, trance, I have read a lot about DMT, but never tried to practice any of those spiritual experiences in my life. Like I said that day I had loads of things going on my mind, went to sleep quite late. However, I fell asleep as normal and started to dream also as usually, because when I'm sleeping I dream a lot.

I don't remember what was that dream about but I was hearing music, and the music was getting more louder and clearer. By that point my conscious woke up with a thought that the music was too real and probably it was heard from outside. I opened my eyes but in a second I understood that it is playing in my head and I can't control it. Music in my head started to change, like you changing a radio station and was getting louder and louder. I realized, that even if I thought that I'm awake, I haven't move even a little bit, I wasn't capable of that. I was able to see only my partner sleeping next to me. I closed my eyes again and music changed into a loud drums and buzzing and my body started to be very heavy. Even that inside I have started to panic, I had a thought that I need to relax. My body was getting more and more heavy, like it would be affected by a stronger gravity and then I felt that I'm actually leaving that pressure, I was slowly leaving my body.

Because all that time my mind was conscious I started to panic, thinking that I'm not ready for that kind of experience. I started to try getting back and wake myself from this. I even felt myself almost touching my partner to help me to wake up. Finally when I opened my eyes I understood that I haven't moved since I first time woke up hearing that music. I was lying in the same position with my hands still under my head. I was not even as close to my partner as it felt. My mind was going absolutely crazy but surprisingly my heart beat was as normal as a sleeping person's.

I have no idea what happened to me and why. I know that it sounds very similar to trance, but all my live I thought that people practice a lot to experience the feeling of leaving your body. Maybe I started to panic too much and I just had to let it go, but my conscious was keep saying that I'm not ready. Is it even normal to experience that so easily?

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-25)
Well there's a movie that came out last year about that sort of thing. This young boy traveled out of his body during his dreams. I think it was called Insideous. So it may be your ability and that's why it seems easy to you. It may not be dangerous at first but after a while if any spirit knows you are out of your body they could enter it and you could never go back so just be aware that if you ever do travel through the spirit realm that there's a possibility you couldn't go back.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-08-20)
I wouldn't dismiss it as "easy" yet. Many people experience sleep paralysis, the etheric (seeing through closed eye lids) and pre separation symptoms, only to not have it happen again for months, if not years. I wrote an article about hearing radio waves on my sister site ( We are literally like receiving stations. When in an altered state (like you were), we can pick up a big array of signals from other people's thoughts to actual radio waves. Our spirit has a much broader frequency range. The inability to move is the catatonic state and vibrations are just pre projection symptoms. It's very understandable to panic as you say because it's very new to most people.

Thanks for sharing.

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